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What difference does a union make?

As a steward, it's your job to sell the benefits of union membership to unorganized workers. And it doesn't hurt to remind our own members from time to time, either. Here (in capsule form) are eight big advantages unions bring to a workplace:

UnionNo union
Wages, benefits, working conditionsProtected by legal contract.At the whim of management.
WagesSpelled out in the contract.Secret. Negotiated individually by management.
RaisesBargained for everyone. All workers vote on the settlement.Favoritism can determine individual raises.
DisciplineThe union will defend you.Lots of luck. You' re on your own.
PromotionsAwarded fairly according to negotiated agreement.Favoritism, the romance, blackmail, you name it.
Vacations, shifts, layoffsBased on the negotiated agreement.See above.
ProblemsUnion will work on the job to solve them.Their way or the highway.
Give people a voice in the political arenaWork for laws that protect all working people and their families.Take away or weaken laws that protect workers, i.e., health and safety, overtime, etc.