"Change Can't Wait": An Empty Promise at American University

Disrespectful working conditions greatly impact students too.

When I Fought Back Against Popeyes, Workers in Hundreds of Stores Won

Many fast-food chains must inform their workers that they're allowed to talk about union rights and their working conditions.


So we can all thrive!

While You're Waiting to Board the Flight...

I'm rushing around cleaning and inspecting for weapons.

Over 400 Planned Parenthood employees to vote to form their union in five states

"We can’t afford to lose dedicated, mission-driven abortion care providers to burnout and exhaustion”

LA City Workers = Proactive When Covid Hit

We came together, problem-solved together, and ensured we were protected, respected and paid!

Airport workers rally at the United States Capitol and demand good airport jobs

“We need to make sure that airport workers across the country are getting the wages and benefits that we work hard for."

Why I Spoke My Truth to OSHA

As union members, we can speak up to affect not only change at work, but in government policies too.

I'll Never Forget the Stability of That Union Job

I should be considering retirement, but instead, no break in sight.

NEW: Study shows union difference in nursing homes, lower COVID-19 mortality rates

“Labor unions may play an important role in improving workplace safety, with potential benefits for both nursing home workers and residents."

They’re Greedier Than We Thought

We’re more powerful than they know.

Fight for the Frontline: SEIU 721 Takes Historic Action

Thousands of essential workers took to the streets of downtown LA in the biggest march in SEIU Local 721’s history.

There’s more than 440 anti-voter bills!

Rep. John Lewis told me, "Continue to tell your story."

At state Capitol, CT home care workers demand to be respected, protected, and paid

"This group of workers is determined to be seen and be heard."

Care is Essential art installation on National Mall brings care stories to life, emphasizes demand to invest in care

Panels representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia will feature personal care stories from caregivers and care consumers

Real Talk On Immigration: We won’t be divided

We’ve been brainwashed to believe immigrants are "taking" from us.

‘COVID Has Exacerbated’ Hazardous Working Conditions in Fast-food

Lawmakers will soon vote on AB 257, the FAST Recovery Act, a bill to protect and empower the state’s fast-food workers

Michigan nursing home workers win statewide seat with new Council for Industry Change

Move a big step forward to improve care for Michigan's rapidly aging population and to advance racial and gender justice

"Caregiving is in our souls"

Care workers and consumers march on National Mall to demand Congress urgently pass Build Back Better

Courageous behavioral health workers win greater safety on the job for frontline caregivers and patients

End strike after deal reached to address core safety demands, including the hiring of dedicated security staff

West Virginians call for Congress to invest in home care

Urge Senator Joe Manchin to support the home care portion of the Build Back Better Act

We must still fight for voting rights

I’m calling on Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA) and Freedom to Vote Act.

America Wants (and Needs) Home Care!

Home care workers are demanding Congress pass Build Back Better, with an essential investment in the care economy.

Arizona home care workers demand historic investment in care, jobs

Urge Congress to "bring the budget bill over the finish line"

4.5+ Million People Signed Petitions Telling Congress: Invest in Care!

We cannot Build Back Better without investing in care

Thousands of Philadelphia airport workers win raises, health benefits

New law also provides up to 56 hours of paid sick leave

Big Win for Window Washers with Essential Workers Sticking Together!

Minneapolis window cleaners across three companies voted in a new union contract following a powerful 10-day Unfair Labor Practice strike.

It's Time for Congress to Pass Biden's Care Plan

Now is our best chance for home care workers to earn living wages, receive basic protections, and get an opportunity to join a union.

State workers, care workers, airport workers, and others rally in Colorado to demand living wages, safe working conditions

"Millions of workers are called essential but treated as though we’re disposable."

In Walk-A-Days and town halls, home care workers urge Congress to invest in care

"Investing in care workers means investing in the people they care for, too,”

We went on strike — other workers joined in.

Hear how members of the Teamsters Union joined striking SEIU Local 73 members

Seeking Talented Communications Professionals!

We are committed to authentic, worker-centered narratives that build power with working people to win Unions for All and amplify workers’ clear demands.

Factsheet about the Delta Variant

Learn more about the the Delta Variant to protect you and your family

Only 63 Cents for Every Dollar [#BlackWomensEqualPay]

In addition to making far less than white men, many Black moms & caregivers have no paid leave, forcing them to forgo even more income to care for themselves and loved ones.

Women of color-led union makes history

Wins agreement to raise provider pay and increase child care access for California families

How To Protect Your Skin During COVID

Whether your an essential worker or not, take these steps to make sure you're staying safe in COVID.

Guidance for Healthcare and Home Care Providers to Protect Yourself at Work

CDC + OSHA's tips on how to protect yourself and care for patients in COVID.

Ohio Mom, Union Leader Shares Story of Stability

Hear Beverly talk about building her life from grief, drugs and abuse to stability for herself and her two daughters

Trusted Messengers

To get more long-term healthcare workers the vaccine, we’re focused on trust and respect.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry, immigrant airport workers discuss pathway to citizenship at DCA

More than 300,000 DACA and TPS immigrants have been working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep communities healthy and safe.

In Memory of George Floyd

We continue our fight for racial and economic justice for all

McDonald’s workers in 16 cities strike for $15 minimum wage the day before company’s annual shareholder’s meeting

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez join strikers virtually to offer support

Immigrant Essential Worker Shares COVID + Vaccine Experience

Hear Ada talk about her struggle against COVID and how she stayed safe by vaccinating herself and her child.

SEIU members join over 77 May Day events

Call for a pathway to citizenship for immigrants and passage of the American Jobs Plan

First-Generation Daughter Shares Mom's Grit, Their Instant Fear

Hear Maria talk about the terror that gripped her immigrant neighborhood, though it didn't stop her family from thriving

Working families celebrate Biden’s $15 minimum wage executive order for federal contractors

Order also eliminates the tipped minimum wage for federal contractors by 2024

SEIU Local 99 member tells Congress child care, paid leave must be a part of nation’s recovery process

Highlights how she and her fellow Local 99 members were able to secure a $500/month stipend for LAUSD teachers and classified employees with young children


This Earth Day, I'm standing up and taking action for our communities, our nation and our planet. Join me in telling Congress to pass the American Jobs Plan now.

SEIU home care workers join Care Can’t Wait Summit with VP Harris, pressuring Congress to pass the American Jobs Plan

President’s plan would create up to a million good-paying union home care jobs

SEIU and Change to Win’s investment funds pushing for racial diversity in financial institutions

Currently working with the world’s largest financial institution—BlackRock—to bring about needed change within the company and the financial services industry

Home care workers celebrate Biden's commitment to caregiving in infrastructure speech

Held signs and banners declaring ‘Care Is Essential, Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us.’

Nursing home, home care workers send message to Washington, DC: Care is Essential!

Urge Congress and Pres. Biden to create good union home care jobs and to put care at the heart of our nation’s recovery

‘I was horrified,’ SEIU nursing home worker testifies before Senate Finance Committee

Hearing examined the long-standing injustices that led to nursing homes becoming pandemic epicenters

#ImmigrantWomenAreHome campaign marks progress on immigrant justice on Biden’s 50th day in office

Calls on Congress to provide a roadmap to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in America

Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us

Essential workers in 20 cities demand Congress pass $15/hr minimum wage, COVID relief

Winning Racial Justice Helps Everyone

Hear the talk with author Heather McGhee about how winning racial justice helps everyone.

#WalkoutWednesday: Raise the Wage to $15

Our fight to win a $15 minimum wage and union rights continues, with workers' resolve unwavering.

Fast-food workers in 15 cities strike, demand a federal $15 minimum wage

Also demand union rights, COVID safety measures on the job

“People need to hear from us to see that we are human.” – Essential Worker and TPS holder María Elena Hernández

Temporary Protected Status holders contribute greatly to our communities and must not live in fear of deportation.

SEIU caregivers’ prayer vigil unites long term care workers to inspire strength and perseverance

Calls on Congress and the Administration to make caregiving jobs good union jobs

Workers in the Fight for $15 and a Union help announce the 2021 Raise the Wage Act with members of Congress

$15/hr is seen as a critical step toward helping our country recover from the pandemic and making economy work for everyone

Working families across the country celebrate milestone Biden/Harris inauguration

Swearing-in ceremony followed by the signing of executive orders on COVID and immigration

Fight for $15 and a Union fast food workers strike to demand $15/hour on MLK’s birthday

Also speak out to address the rampant workplace health and safety issues during the pandemic

SEIU essential workers help get out the vote for Warnock, Ossoff in the Georgia run-off election

Millions of door knocks, text messages and phone calls by SEIU members and allies propel pro-worker candidates to victory

Airport workers demand to be part of stimulus bill as new survey shows the infection risk they face

Survey is a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective from people who understand how airplanes and terminals are cleaned and staffed

SEIU 1199NW Executive Vice President, RN Jane Hopkins named to Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board

Sierra Leonean immigrant has been active in her union, the FF15 and Black Lives Matter movements

We protect America and we need protection, too.

Airport workers shouldn’t fear what's next.

“We have to protect you. We have to pay you,” says Biden in roundtable with frontline healthcare workers

Event centered on the experiences of essential healthcare workers throughout the pandemic

#WalkOutWednesday: Vote for Black Lives

Be both a protest leader and an elected leader! It's the path to progress.

When we fight, we win! Detroit area nursing home workers return to work with new contract after two-day strike

Contract gains included improved staffing levels, better PPE and higher wages

Reward Workers Keeping America Going

We were essential before COVID-19 and will be after

Home care tele-town hall inspires essential care providers to get out the vote

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s historic caregiving workforce plan would invest in home and community-based care

SEIU healthcare workers share experiences with Jill Biden during virtual roundtable

“We are the ones who walk out our houses every single day into death”

#WalkoutWednesday: In the Fight to Restore Voting Rights

Disenfranchised workers who've faced barriers to voting discuss their commitments to making our democracy work.

#WalkOutWednesday: Even for Those Who Can’t Vote, There is Much Riding on This Election

Workers with temporary protected status are especially impacted by the upcoming election.

Standing Together to Build Something Better

United in our union, we won better wages and healthcare. By voting together, we can make change.

#WalkOutWednesday: Voting on the Mind

Essential workers speak their minds and lift up their get-out-the-vote efforts.

Voting this year is a matter of life or death

My vote is essential because my life is essential.

SEIU locals, activists spread the word online and off about the importance of voting during National Voter Registration Day

Stress the need to put people in office who will help bring America through the coronavirus disaster

SEIU Pres. Mary Kay Henry Makes Time's 100 Most Influential People

Being chosen for 2020 TIME100 is a tribute to the courage of working people in SEIU & the Fight for $15!

#WalkOutWednesday: Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us!

Can't back down on our demands, won't back down

“Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around”

One SEIU member's journey from marching for civil rights as a teen to registering voters as an adult

We Know What’s at Stake Because We’ve Been Living It

"Our vote is essential; the voices of women of color have been held down for too long."

SEIU Healthcare Michigan members rally for respect, pay, voting on Labor Day

“We’re 60 days from the election that is the fight for our lives”

Childcare workers are essential; so is your vote!

It's time to demand what we deserve.

Every Election is Determined By the People Who Show Up.

When working people come together, we win!

SEIU Members Are Essential Healthcare Voters

Essential home care workers support Biden’s plan to build a better future for working families

Fighting to Be Heard

We can (and will) change the course of history.

The Next Step Is to Vote!

We who believe in freedom, cannot rest.

#WalkOutWednesday: 2020 Democratic National Convention

With special guest Rep. Maxine Waters, workers discuss #DNC2020 and our continued fight for racial and economic justice.

2020 Election: Our Worker Voices Are Front & Center

We can't afford to have it any other way.

#WalkoutWednesday: Plans to Build Power & Win Justice

SEIU member leaders discuss SEIU's 27th Convention & our plans to build power and win justice inside and outside our union

Watch: Essential Workers Demand a Say

Hearings are taking place nationwide with essential workers demanding a say in how we all stay safe

Joe Biden Chooses Kamala Harris to Serve as His Vice President

SEIU members: Biden-Harris administration would fight for racial, economic justice for America’s working families

#WalkoutWednesday: Reopening Or Not, Essential Workers Must Weigh In

As public spaces like schools consider reopening, essential workers need a seat at the table.

No one should have to miss their opportunity to vote

The U.S. Senate must take action on the HEROES Act now

I walked with Joe Biden

Now more than ever it’s critical we elect a President who listens to our voices, values all jobs and will make it easier for working people to join unions.

Joe Biden Walks a Day with SEIU Nursing Home Worker

SEIU member, Shanrika Nelson, shares what it’s like to be on the frontlines

SEIU nursing home worker tells Members of Congress about working during the COVID-19 crisis

Shared stories about the struggles she and her co-workers face every day

#WalkoutWednesday: #StrikeForBlackLives

A national day of strikes, walkouts, and worker actions to demand racial and economic justice, including in the workplace

A Letter to My Union Family

When working people show up at the polls, we all do better.

SEIU Endorses Joe Biden for President

In a vital election, VP Biden is the candidate to stand with working people.

Challenges for Essential Workers As States "Reopen"

COVID is resurging without safe plans and a clear path forward.

One Word: Vulnerable

Nursing home workers: still facing impossible choices during COVID

"So I Quit the Chicken Plant and Got a Job at Circle K."

Watch the 1st Essential Worker Hearing out of NC; workers shared stories, spoke to safety concerns, offered solutions

#WalkoutWednesday: Courage Calls to Courage

Focusing on the power of one, the ripple effects of individual activism, how one person's courage leads to another

Join the #PoorPeople's Campaign: Digital Justice Gathering

Join Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and the massive movement for moral revival

Victory: Dreamers are #HereToStay!

The Supreme Court rescinds decision to terminate DACA.

#WalkoutWednesday: #JusticeForJanitors Supports the Movement for Black Lives

Honoring the 30th anniversary of Justice For Janitors

Equity and Justice for All Nursing Home Workers and Residents

We can’t afford to go back to the way things were

SEIU Nursing Home Workers Speak Out for Protections from COVID-19

Caregivers working at ground zero of the pandemic fight to protect workers and residents

Last year I told my story of LGBTQ discrimination on the job to the Supreme Court. Today the Court ruled in our favor!

Court ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act must provide workplace protections to LGBTQ people

#WalkoutWednesday: 2 Deadly Pandemics

Discussing how workers are rising up to fight both COVID-19 and systemic racism

SEIU Local 284 in Minnesota supports proposal for Minneapolis Public Schools to cut ties with Minneapolis Police Department

Local 284 represents more than 500 school support staff at city’s public school system

#WalkoutWednesday: The Movement for Black Lives

There will be no economic justice without racial justice.

California janitors, security officers, airport workers launch car caravans to demand protections for essential workers

Protest caravans seek to highlight the Black, brown and female essential workers who have been hit particularly hard by COVID-19

"I Was Happy to Have the Kids Home from School. But Now I Worry About Feeding Them."

Frontline janitor Marcos Aranda testified before Congress about he and his spouse now trying to care for their six kids, plus extended family, on his paycheck alone.

#Walkout Wednesday: Virtual Picket Line

Demanding paid leave and zero-tolerance for sexual harassment for all McDonald’s employees

Contracted airport workers caravan around Reagan, Miami airports to demand full COVID-19 protection

Calling on Congress and the Trump administration to include protections for property service workers in the next stimulus in response

No matter what, nurses can’t be — and won’t be — stopped

Nurses Week may be over, but our fight for justice will never cease

Union members, allies march by car around Colorado capitol to show support for essential workers

PPE for frontline workers, paid sick leave among group’s demands

30,000 SEIU and FF$15 workers join “tele-town halls” with Speaker Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren and other elected leaders as they launch COVID-19 relief demands

Healthcare workers, public employees, security officers, delivery drivers and others concluded their testimonials with the same statement: “I am an essential worker.”

Digital First Aid Kit For Nurses — Nurses Week 2021

A list of resources for nurses to help manage stress and anxiety through the COVID-19 pandemic:

Security Officer: Am I Protected Too?

As frontline responders, security officers are part of the chain of safety in neighborhoods across the country, but who is protecting them?

We're Caring for Older Americans and People with Disabilities.... My Employer Is Worried About Timesheets!

Instead of COVID-19 info, equipment, and sick leave, we received timesheet deadlines.

I’m a COVID-19 Nurse Fighting for Patient Safety in Seattle

Patient safety and healthcare worker safety are on the line. Together, I’m working with outstanding members of my union to advocate for patients and community.

Frontline Nurses Survey: Alarming Findings

92% say federal government isn't doing enough to protect healthcare staff

It's Earth Day. [sigh]

But remember this: We pull through by pulling together as we've done in the past.

SEIU teams up with immigrant rights advocates for campaign to protect all immigrants

New campaign seeks to ensure immigrant workers' health, safety and financial security amid the coronavirus pandemic

With Colleges Closed, Instability for Adjuncts Spikes Higher

The coronavirus pandemic is making adjunct professors’ hunger and healthcare struggles even worse.

Contracted Airport Workers Deserve Protections More Than Airline Executives

Thousands of airport workers are facing layoffs as airlines ask Congress for billions in bailout.

SEIU healthcare workers call for life-saving personal protective equipment

Continue their demands that the federal government drive a national response to get more supplies and equipment to frontline caregivers

SEIU members, Fight for $15 and a Union leaders launch Protect All Workers

Demand action by America’s CEOs amid coronavirus pandemic

Airline bailout must protect the workers whose health and livelihood is on the line

Contracted airport workers are on front lines of pandemic, already struggling with low pay and lack of sick days

In the Face of Coronavirus, #ProtectAllWorkers

Paid sick leave is essential in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

4,000 Minneapolis janitors show why everybody needs a union: raises, sick days, and greener, safer jobs

During a time when its more important than ever, these workers were able to win paid sick days in their new union contract

California Fast-Food Workers Turn Up the Heat on Union Demand

Emmanuel Flores, McDonald’s worker, found his voice in the Fight for $15 and a Union.

SEIU6 janitors and airport workers in Washington State are ready to partner with business and government leaders to fight coronavirus

"Many workers, especially those without a union, do not have access to healthcare and cannot afford to miss time off work"

10 Steps to Preventing Coronavirus (or COVID-19)

Here are 10 steps you can take to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

State Workers Are Demanding a Voice in the Workplace and Getting It

“I feel lucky to be part of a union—but it shouldn’t be a matter of luck. Everyone, no matter what you look like or where you work, should be able to join a union.”

2020: Our make or break moment

SEIU is launching the largest voter engagement program in our union’s history

SEIU files ‘Friend of the Court’ brief to help protect reproductive healthcare in Missouri

Recently-passed law currently being reviewed by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

United Airlines: Houston Airport Workers Are Worth More Than $2.13 An Hour

I’m fighting for fair wages and union rights for the next generation.

Coming Together in Unions = Having Security, Not Fear

Here’s what I’ve learned since I first put on my uniform: we can’t depend on a boss to protect us.

Fighting for Our Nevada Home Care Union

63-year-old Mary Franklin works seven days a week non-stop to support herself. Now she’s fighting for a union.

California child care providers one step closer to forming their union

In Sacramento and Washington, DC, providers demand a unified voice that would be a game changer when it comes to improving access to quality, affordable child care

Airport Workers are Worth More than $7.25 an Hour

I’m fighting for union rights and fair wages

Fighting for Safe Staffing Over Profits

“We have given management every opportunity to do the right thing, but they continue to prioritize profits over patient care.”

Colorado State Workers Finally on the Verge of Having One Strong Voice

“Your voice by itself may not carry through this dome. But together, our voices demand attention.” — Cassie Geremaia, state worker

Taking a Brave Stand Against Sexual Harassment

McDonald’s Worker Refuses to Be Silent

Rosa Carreño, Child Care Provider

Walked with Elizabeth Warren

The Year of the Worker

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Yolanda McGrone’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Roberto Martinez’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Ayde Jaime’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Georgette Bradford’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

Taking Care of People Is Second Nature To Me

When workers don’t have to worry about benefits like health care for their families, they’re able to put more energy into their work.

The Year of the Worker: Adarra Benjamin’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Brian Yarbrough’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Stacey Wadle’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Regina McMillian’s story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Stacey Bias’ Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Tseganesh Endegeshet’s story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

It’s not about the party. It’s about the policies.

At the end of the day, our next president must make it easier, not harder, for people to live good, quality lives.

#UnionsForAll = Empowerment for All

Winning a safer workplace through our union

The Union Solution for Higher Education

We can’t reform higher education without unions

This Childcare Worker is Changing Lives

“All of our hard work had been realized.” — Renaldo Sanders

I’m a Graduate Worker fighting for #UnionsForAll

For me, this is about who has the opportunity to get an advanced degree in this country. This is about who has basic rights as an employee.

McDonald’s Lacrecha Osterman is Proud to Be in the Thick of It

“I know we’re gonna get to $15 and a Union. It’s history, baby.”

Educate, Mobilize, Win

Tammie Wondong: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

At the US-Mexico border, I helped refugees heal from the unimaginable

Roxette Villegas shares how union nurses are uniquely qualified to take action and address the immigration crisis

Things must change, including our wages

It’s time for the U.S. Senate to #RaiseTheWage

Fighting for the Good Jobs Chicago Needs

Special education assistant on the frontlines of our most vulnerable children

‘I Finally Have A Livable Wage’

It’s all about the union difference

This Janitor is Fighting for a Better Life

“Together with my union, I am standing up.”

What I would have told Senator Tillis, had he made time to meet with us

Our working families need voices to carry their message, and mine will not be silenced.

BIG WIN for Child Care Providers in California

Submitted by Family Child Care Provider, Tonia McMillian

State workers are finding a voice in Colorado

“Being in a union empowers me to do the best job I can.”

80,000 workers, Kaiser Permanente reach tentative contract settlement

Nationwide Strike that was scheduled for Oct. 14 may be averted.

Tammy Tate: Changing the future of home care

“Joining in our union has made me so much braver.”

More than 80,000 Kaiser workers to strike Oct. 14

Healthcare workers are striking for better patient care and corporate accountability for Kaiser Permanente

Working Moms Need #UnionsForAll

“If you work hard I think you need to be paid decent wages.” — Le’Shika Frederick, airport worker

“A strike is our most powerful tool to get what we need for our kids.”

When we have the opportunity to come together in our union, we have a real voice at work to raise wages and improve our communities so that the next generation can have a better future.

Massachusetts home care workers, Gov. Baker celebrate new standard-setting contract

1199SEIU members win a $16.10 minimum wage, unprecedented paid time off and more training opportunities to advance skills

SEIU Local 200United members file lawsuit to stop new measures that would gut protections for federal employees

Veterans Affairs hospital workers need strong unions to protect the patients in their care

At the height of AIDS crisis in San Francisco, union nurses put patients first

SEIU Local 1021 member Sasha Cuttler, RN, was among the first nurses of the groundbreaking hospital ward 5B, and helped power the campaign to win nurse-to-patient ratios in California.

Tagelsir Mohamed: You’re on notice candidates!

Every single working person in America—no matter where they work—should have the opportunity to join a union.

How Attacking Immigrant Working Families Hurts Entire Communities

Going after these families isn't going to make these towns better. It's going to hold them back.

It’s Time to Restore the Voting Rights Act

Our votes are how we voice our vision for the path of our families and our communities.

SEIU President Henry, EVPS Long and Sáenz are refusing to allow hatred to win as they speak out after recent mass shootings

More determined than ever to combat the fear and division that has led to an increase in violence their communities

#WalkADay event puts Beto O'Rourke in a home care worker's shoes

SEIU Local 1107 member shows presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke the importance of Fight for $15, Unions for All

SEIU Nurse Mary Magee in new ‘5B’ documentary talks about revolutionary care, pioneering nurses and working in union

On the 36-year anniversary of the creation of 5B, the nation’s first ward dedicated to patients affected by AIDS, we talk to a 5B SEIU nurse at the center of safe needle movement.

My patients can’t afford to lose the Affordable Care Act — neither can America

To my patients, every dollar counts. They can’t afford to bear the additional burdens that would be thrust upon them should the ACA be struck down

Home care worker calls on presidential candidates to commit to higher wages, unions for all

SEIU members join Fight for $15 and a Union activists rally in Iowa

Meet SEIU’s Worker of the Week: Bettie Douglas

She's seen what workers can do when we all join together to fight for our rights. This is only the beginning and we’ll keep marching... until we get a living wage and union rights.

Celebrating the life of Hector Figueroa

Share memories and messages of condolence

SEIU security officer stands up for right of all people to be respected at work, regardless of sexual orientation

When working people join together with a unified voice, they can fight back against all manner of injustices

Houston airport worker directly urges Houston City Council to support $15 and a union

Shares her story about working long hours to make ends meet, but also about coworkers even worse off making just $2.13/hour in tipped wages

“These were my people at their best”

SEIU Local 99 member attends Black Millennial Convention in Washington, DC

SEIU members, Fight for $15 activists call for union rights outside presidential debate venue in Miami

Spreading message that every worker — White, black and brown — deserves a seat at the table, and a voice in our economy and democracy through a union

I experienced workplace violence. I refuse to be silent

Congress must pass legislation that protects healthcare workers, makes facilities accountable for staff safety and declares workplace violence unacceptable.

Why nursing home workers strike: Our residents deserve high quality care

We're asking Guardian Angels to make an investment in its dedicated staff so we can continue to invest in this community

Home care workers are rising up, fighting back against new rule

We’re not going to let this attack stop us from advocating for high quality home care

Airport workers protest outside Southwest Airlines’ shareholder meeting in Denver

Workers call out airline for contracting out what used to be good union jobs

Oregon legislature passes historic revenue, corporate tax bill to pay for education and public services

Advocates say passing the bill is “historic,” a “turning point for education in Oregon” and a “new day for education.”

How SEIU nurses play our cards

Using our trusted voice to promote quality care and advance our profession

Loyola graduate workers demanding union rights stage sit-in outside university president’s office, call for campus-wide walkout on April 24

Grad workers are protesting school’s continued refusal to negotiate with the union they formed in 2017

Our Taxes Need to Build Communities that Work for All of Us, Not Just a Privileged Few

Our country needs a tax system that is fair and allows us to pay for the things that build thriving communities.

Duke University graduate workers win $15/hour minimum wage

Stipend payments will now also cover all twelve months of the year

Improving Our Nation’s Health Means Healthcare For All!

National Public Health Week Stresses Access to Healthcare

Four reasons why we should #RaisetheWage

It’s good for working families and our communities

SEIU members pose questions to Democratic presidential candidates at We the People membership forum

Candidates outline plans for how more people can engage in our economy, democracy

Wisconsin working people win big as judge blocks GOP laws limiting powers of newly elected pro-worker Governor

Judge ruled that the last-minute “power grab” in the waning days of Scott Walker’s tenure was unconstitutional

Teachers Continue to Take a Stand …and Win

SEIU Members Honk for Teachers: “Your Fight Is Our Fight”

Adjunct Professors Win a Union at the Biggest College in the Country

Miami Dade College adjunct professors become the fifth to form their union in Florida

After helping to defeat anti-worker Governor last Fall, SEIU home care and child care workers in Illinois win raises, are awarded back pay

Agreement with Governor Pritzker will release $44 million in back pay the previous Governor had blocked

Former EVP Pat Ford: Shaped SEIU’s Social & Economic Justice Program

It’s during Women’s History Month that we pause to recognize Ford.

SEIU members, leaders urge Congress to pass the Dream and Promise Act of 2019

H.R. 6 would provide a pathway to citizenship for millions of Dreamers and people with Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

We won $15, now I can spend more time with family

Denver airport worker looks forward to working less and spending more time with family

Black History Thoughts From a Black Adjunct Professor

Black History is America’s History and it goes on 365 days a year.

Cleveland Orchestra facility workers ratify contract with path to $15/hour

Agreement will help set the tone for upcoming negotiations for more than 2,200 janitors statewide

Home care workers sticking together for dignity and respect in the face of anti-worker attack

CMS rule could also endanger home care services for seniors, people with disabilities

SEIU members travel to D.C. to demand permanent protection for TPS holders, Dreamers

Join thousands of fellow union members, TPS holders and immigration activists for congressional visits and rallies in front of the White House, Capitol Building

Thank you, SEIU family!

we are very thankful for having such a great labor family that steps up when someone is in need, especially after natural disasters such as Hurricane Florence

King’s Dream and the Movement to End Poverty-Wage Work

-Mary Kay Henry, SEIU International President

It’s Time President Trump, Congress Uphold American Values

By SEIU International Vice President and iAmerica Action President, Rocio Sáenz

Professors at seven more Florida colleges take steps to form their union with SEIU’s Faculty Forward

In just two years, 9,000 adjunct professors — more than half of those in the state college system — have organized or are moving toward union representation

What’s the impact of the Fight for $15? Helping 22 million workers win $68 billion in raises

New Congress expected to introduce a $15/hr minimum wage bill next year

SEIU members spread out across Capitol Hill to demand justice for immigrants

Held meetings with Members of Congress to discuss DACA, TPS and border wall funding

Child care center to be built for SEIU 1021 city workers in San Francisco

San Francisco General Hospital child care center will provide accessible, affordable care for members

What the Election Means for Working Families

A message from SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry

SEIU members mobilize infrequent voters to vote for $15, affordable healthcare, opportunity to join unions

Voters refuse to be divided by hate; turn out for bold, progressive agenda

Countdown to Election Day–Spotlight: Pennsylvania

A message from SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry

Countdown to Election Day–Spotlight: Illinois

A message from SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry

Countdown to Election Day–Spotlight: Nevada

A message from SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry

Countdown to Election Day–Spotlight: California

A message from SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry

Countdown to Election Day–Spotlight: Michigan

A message from SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry

Louisiana’s Working Families Deserve Liberty and Justice

Justice should be for everyone, no exceptions

Racial profiling spurs SEIU Local 503 member into action before the midterm election

"We need to prevent profiling and keep our local law enforcement resources focused on local issues"

Countdown to Election Day–Spotlight: New York

A message from SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry

Countdown to Election Day Spotlight: Florida

A message from SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry

We’re voting for a country that works for us!

Here are a few reasons why you should join us.

Illinois State University graduate workers win election, join the SEIU family

Latest win adds to growing momentum for university teaching and research assistants across the country

Seminole State College adjunct professors vote decisively to form their union

Join colleagues at Hillsborough Community College, Broward College and University of South Florida who have also voted to join SEIU’s Faculty Forward movement

Pittsburgh security officers win new contract with path to $15/hr

New contract also includes paid holidays and more paid leave days

VICTORY: Emory University graduate workers win $15

Joined striking fast food workers on Oct 4 to celebrate the win and to continue the fight for all workers to win $15 an hour.

Flooded routine

SEANC member Tramaine Orellana shares her experience on Hurricane Florence.

SEIU's Rocio: President Trump's proposal goes against who we are as Americans

SEIU International Vice President Rocio Sáenz issued the following statement on the public charge rule

U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Mary Kay Henry among 54 arrested at McDonald’s HQ as fast-food workers nationwide strike demanding union rights

Candidates and elected leaders vow support for cooks and cashiers striking in battleground states across the country

SEIU and Fight for $15 members stand by Kavanaugh’s accusers, demand that Senators reject his nomination

Confirming a Supreme Court justice who has been credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple women would be an insult to survivors


Airport workers in New York and New Jersey won the highest minimum wage in U.S. history--$19 an hour

SEIU members help Massachusetts gas explosions victims

Locals 1199, 509, 888; 32BJ SEIU and SEIU Community Action delivered meals and supplies to those in need

Together we recover

Workers United Southern Region, SEIU rep Ebony Stevens shares her experience during Hurricane Florence

Florence affects us all

Union member Gina Williams tells her experience before, during and after Hurricane Florence

Historic fast-food strikes demand union, declare #MeToo at McDonald’s

Strikers are demanding a union to help address sexual harassment issues at the company

Home care has been a godsend

After my son committed suicide years ago, I pledged that if I ever encountered someone struggling in life, I would be the one to tell them that I care so they wouldn’t feel alone

Reflection: SEIU Remembers September 11, 2001

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, 62 SEIU members were killed when hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in rural Pennsylvania.

Working people highlight progress on wages at Houston pre-Labor Day rally

“All workers who work for the city of Houston and keep this city clean should have the opportunity to have a better job with a contract and security”

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules in favor of home care workers

Governor cleared to move forward with plan to give providers a voice at the table

Are you ready to #RiseforClimate?

On September 8th, SEIU is joining the Peoples Climate Movement to show our elected leaders that we demand action on climate change.

Home care workers and allies speak up for quality care and workers’ rights

On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of SEIU home care members —and the countless more who benefit from their care, their advocacy, and their fight for good union jobs— we thank you

Keep Standing Against Hate

We Are Stronger Together

Senators must protect our healthcare by rejecting Kavanaugh’s nomination

This lifetime appointment will impact all our lives and should not be rushed.

Election results a preview of what SEIU members will deliver in November

SEIU members are fighting every step of the way for those who stand with working men and women

Detroit Janitors ratify new contract with historic wage increases

Includes raises to $15 dollars per hour in year three of the four-year contract

An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us

Airport workers stand with fired immigrant women

SEIU members, allies spearhead blue wave in Florida

Win Justice program will focus on voter turnout in the Sunshine State

Why I came to Amsterdam

The most important part of my trip to Amsterdam is to form connections with airport workers from all over the world and let our voices be heard.

Like a Mirror Image

I’m in Amsterdam to meet with airport workers from all over the world who are standing up to the same global corporations that are wrecking our jobs.

Potential changes could endanger quality home care services for seniors and people with disabilities

On behalf of home care workers everywhere, I want to be clear that we see through these actions by the Trump administration. We will not be stopped. - Melody Benjamin

We’re putting the global airline industry on notice

We work hard to keep the airports running, but airlines are taking from us and putting it in their pockets.

America Needs Unions now more than ever as Supreme Court sides with corporate billionaires rigging economy against workers

On heels of high profile walkouts, new organizing and spiking approval for unions, union leaders see decision as rallying point to unrig economy and put workers first

We are sticking with our union

...will make our voices heard in the 2018 mid-terms

A Call to Action in Tornillo

I never imagined that I would need to go a protest in my country because my government made the active decision to forcibly separate young children from their asylum-seeking parents.

Courts Matter: Working people need fair-minded judges; not Britt Grant

Judge Grant’s nomination is a threat to working families and our ability to stand together in unions.

Child care providers attend Grassroots Assembly in D.C., speak out against detentions at the border

Our elected leaders need to make child care and early education a national priority.

Detroit City Council supports $15 minimum wage

"One Detroit" campaign aims to secure at least $15 an hour for downtown sanitation workers.

Philadelphia Airport Workers Just Won Big

Unions change peoples’ lives

Philadelphia Airport workers win their first union contract

More than 1,500 workers take a giant step away from poverty

SEIU Local 99 member​ is sticking with her union in the face of anti-worker attacks

Agustina García has been a day-care provider for more than 20 years

It's #ImmigrantHeritageMonth! Join us to celebrate our diversity as a nation of immigrants!

In recognition of Immigrant Heritage Month, we're celebrating SEIU Local 105 Vice President of Property Services, Patricia Robles.

Nazareth College adjuncts overwhelmingly vote to join SEIU Local 200United

“…we can see a brighter future on the horizon for the adjuncts at Nazareth.”

Advocating personalized care measures for nursing home residents with dementia

Collaborative strategies between 1199SEIU and participating nursing homes have resulted in better outcomes for residents, their families, and the nursing home workers.

SEIU members participate in nationwide Families Belong Together actions

SEIU members across the country joined immigration activists in a day of protests

#TimesUp in the Ivory Tower

Webinar inspires educators to take on gender discrimination, harassment and assault in academia

McDonald’s workers, Fight for $15 activists and SEIU members are joined by Poor People’s Campaign as they demand $15/hour wages and union rights

“We are cooks and cashiers who work behind the company’s counters, grills and fryers across the country."

University of Iowa faculty sit-in to stand up against the boss

Faculty Forward in Iowa fights to improve higher ed jobs

Progressive Groups Announce Unprecedented $30 Million Midterm Effort in Three States

Win Justice program will reach 2.5 million voters in Florida, Michigan, and Nevada

Come Hell or High Water

The first episode of SEIU’s new podcast—Healthcare on the Frontlines

Sinai Grace Hospital workers in Detroit vote to make their jobs good #UNION jobs by uniting in SEIU

We're standing up to a political and economic system that’s been rigged against them for far too long.

Our children should count in the 2020 census. It’s their country too.

Our children need a fair and accurate census to ensure their government works for them now and in the future.

Unions make the difference for working women

The United State of Women (USOW) annual meeting in Los Angeles shows that together, we are powerful, strong, and committed to win real change.

How Do Childcare Deserts Impact Working Families?

SEIU Local 1021 Member Frankie Izzo Explains

America Needs Union Jobs

It's Time to Stand With Working Families!

We’re holding elected officials accountable for the Trump Tax

Why I'm raising awareness about the President's tax plan

#TimesUp Women need unions to protect against sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment and assault on the job has to stop. Together, we have the power to stop it.

Ready to Put Our Boots on the Ground

Realizing our power and using it to create change

2017: A Year of Resisting and Rising

We reflect on the incredible power of working people

SEIU Nurses say Get Covered: Sign up for healthcare by Dec. 15

Tell your family and friends to visit healthcare.gov​ before December 15

"The future of humanity… fundamentally lies in the hands of the people and in their ability to organize."

Mary Kay Henry travels to the Vatican to meet with heads of Catholic Church

We Can Keep Families Together

SEIU members are calling Congress to protect immigrant families

Rebuilding Together After Hurricane Harvey

Being a part of a strong union helps in these moments

SEIU members keep fighting for healthcare

These are the stories of tireless SEIU members advocating for your health.

The new Department of Homeland Security Secretary nominee should commit to continue relief efforts in Puerto Rico

Pulling out crucial first responders while the death toll keeps increasing is unconscionable

Working people must stand up for immigrant families.

Share this video and urge Congress to protect immigrant families.

How do you help address the retirement crisis?

Join a union (and elect good people).

Hurricane Harvey Devastated My Community

The road ahead will be tough, but we can rebuild together

SEIU Members Must Fight Against Hate

SEIU members are speaking and showing up at rallies to fight back against white supremacy.

We weren’t able to come to the United States as refugees.

Maybe if we had, my mom and my brothers would still be alive.

My family survived a civil war

Now I’m fighting for a world where we can care for people no matter who they are

A sense of peace is the most important thing for those of us who escaped war zones.

When I see what’s happening in Syria, I can relate. It happened to me.

My family became refugees because we stood up to the Sudanese government

Now I’m standing up for the rights of refugees and immigrants here in America

Trump’s budget: A disaster for working families

Ripping healthcare from working people, children and seniors to pay for rich corporations' tax breaks

SEIU members speak out to stop AHCA’s devastating impact on healthcare, jobs

The numbers on jobs, insurance coverage and premiums reveal how devastating the AHCA would be to working people

Refugees like me know the dangers of religious intolerance

Here's why I'm a Christian airport worker against the Muslim Ban 2.0

I spend my days leading a crew that cleans United planes

This week, I flew to Chicago to talk to United CEO Oscar Muñoz

United Airlines contractor PrimeFlight: “Temporary Jobs”

People keep quitting, and they bring new people every day.

Victory in DC airports!

We’re proving that we can change the rules when we work together

When the plane landed in the U.S., I felt free. I felt safe.

After decades of being punished and threatened for standing up for human rights in my native country of Sudan, Minnesota has given my family a good life.

Nurse Alliance Roundup, March 31, 2017

Latest news and updates from the Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare

Reflections on the Life of Mike Garcia

His legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of SEIU members everywhere.

Healthcare repeal will hurt working families to benefit the wealthy

I was hit by a car and the only way I was able to get back on my feet and get back to work was through healthcare coverage.

Retirement is already hard. Why make things worse?

Congress wants to make it harder for Americans to retire.

We need your voice to protect Medicaid

24 million Americans, 14 million of them on Medicaid, would lose their healthcare if Congress votes for the repeal bill.

#CampusResistance rises today at colleges and universities nationwide

Americans deserve—and need—colleges that are gateways to a lifetime of opportunity for students

Workers across the country demand a real healthcare plan from Congress

Thousands of constituents are attending town hall meetings and congressional offices to make their voices hear: they want a real healthcare plan and save Medicaid

SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup, February 17, 2017​ ​

Latest news and updates from the Nurse Alliance

Dear Congress: What's your plan?

Americans demand to know what's the plan to keep healthcare and Medicaid for millions of Americans

10 Questions any ACA replacement bill must answer

Before Republicans come up with any bill, these are the 10 basic questions that we need to know about any replacement plan.

SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup January 20, 2017

Latest news and updates from the Nurse Alliance

This MLK Day, I marched for justice at Newark Airport

Mayor Ras Baraka led the call to value our hard work and commitment

Three Reasons Why the Price Prescription Is Wrong for Our Families

Share this video to tell Congress that Tom Price is wrong for our country’s healthcare

Affordable healthcare changed my life... Don't take that away

Kim Thomas relies on quality and affordable care that keeps her healthy enough to work

Mr. Trump: Don’t feed the Social Security Gremlins

Will the White House be invaded by gremlins?

Nurse Roundup December 9, 2016

Latest news and updates from the Nurse Alliance

We stuck together and won big at Fort Lauderdale Airport

On the picket line, my fear disappeared

Taking the Fight for $15 to the next level

Fighting for a union at Sea-Tac

The airline industry is global. So are we.

The need to organize has no borders or nationality

La industria aeronáutica es global. Como nosotros.

La necesidad de organizarse no tiene fronteras ni nacionalidad

54 years after my first day at DCA

We’re making history at our airports

The airlines can support the people that support them

Why my family is fighting for $15 and union rights at O’Hare

Las aerolíneas pueden mantener a la gente que les mantiene

Por qué mi familia está luchando por $15 y derechos sindicales en O'Hare

Saving for retirement isn’t simple when earning poverty wages

The old adage of spend less and save more doesn’t cut it for adjuncts

Nurse Roundup October 19, 2016

Latest news and updates from the Nurse Alliance

Immigrant and home care worker shines at the White House

Roxana Giron called for better jobs during Hispanic Heritage Month celebration

Donald Trump doesn’t understand saving for retirement

He doesn’t get Social Security either

Top 5 Reasons Why I am Getting out the Vote

I'll be among the 50,000 members getting out the word. Will you?

Social Security looks like America – It has multiple faces

Social Security recipients are as diverse as our population.

Growing evidence Affordable Care Act is benefiting patients

Expanded access to care, covered services making a difference

A quality child care system is within our grasp

My trip to the DNC in Philadelphia shows how far we’ve come on child care and inspires me to do even more

Graduate Student Employees Launch a Nationwide Drive to Organize Unions with SEIU

Columbia University decision paves way for student assistants’ efforts to join together

Are you voting for retirement security?

The leaders we elect this fall may determine how we spend our retirement years.​

Winning the battle against cancer and for affordable healthcare

She's beat back cancer twice. Now this security officer is fighting for everyone's rights on the job.

Reflecting on Dallas, Baton Rouge, La., and Falcon Heights, Minn.: Feelings, Thoughts and Action

Working together to make sense of the recent tragedies and trying to create change

When will it stop?

We must have the uncomfortable conversations about racism in this country.

Tell Congress to stop sneak attacks on working people.

Budget "riders" would help corporations, not working men and women.

Home Care Fight for $15 leader named White House ‘Champion of Change’

Barbara Carr is a home care worker providing essential services to the most vulnerable residents of Flint

“I feel like I should be able to offer my son more.”

Why does a security officer who keeps patients and nurses safe rely on public assistance for healthcare?

The United State of Women: Home Care Workers and the Caring Economy

Betzaida Ventura joined dozens of workers at the United State of Women summit

Northwestern University Faculty Announce Union Election Filing

Part-time and full-time faculty come together in the latest milestone in Chicago union organizing

SEIU members, Fight for $15 activists celebrate ‘United State of Women’

Working women converge on Washington, D.C., to talk about gender equality issues

Statement from SEIU President Mary Kay Henry on Orlando

​Our hearts are heavy once again, as we mourn the horrific loss of life.

Four reasons why we should expand Social Security

Our elected officials should answer President Obama’s call to expand Social Security

Chicago and New York security officers win $15—and more—through their unions

Another important victory in the fight for $15 and safer cities

We are rising to achieve racial justice

Young workers are coming together to fight back against racism

Young people are rising to the occasion and creating change

Continuing the movement towards a more just society with SEIU Rise

We Won’t Have Economic Justice Without Racial Justice

We are on a journey to end anti-Black racism

Navy vet: “I would LOVE my job if we were paid fairly.”

Why does a vet who's putting her skills to use in security rely on public assistance to scrape by?

Nurses Week 2016: Celebrating heroes of healthcare

Nurses are the heroes of healthcare

SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup May 5, 2016

National Nurses Week Special Edition

As Nurses Week begins, a look back on what a year it’s been

A look back at all the incredible work SEIU nurses have done throughout the last year.

Investing in child care is an investment in our future

This Mother’s Day, join me in celebrating all of the hard-working moms across the country

Securing Safety for San Diegans

Chris took it upon himself to get extra training, and wants to lift safety for all in security industry

D.C. security officers spearheading wave of improvements in the District

Big win for officers, now ready to push for a $15 and paid sick leave for the rest of D.C.

The Fight for $15 is a global movement

We’re on our way to empower 64 million Americans

Chicago security officers ready to stem increase in violence

First responders, working to keep the city safe, but barely scraping by

Speaking up to stop wage theft in the security industry

Donyell says two out of three security contractors stole his wages. Now he's working to fix that.

Our voice is being heard in the Fight for $15

It's time to raise the wage floor for all nursing home workers

Tennessee home care worker sending a strong message during fight for $15 day of actions

I got involved in the Fight for $15 is because I need to put an end to my own poverty wages.

Security officers rally for safer East Coast cities

32BJ members have saved lives with better training and lower turnover, but there's still more to do.

Disrupting the economy of insecurity

Security officers standing up to build a tech economy that works for everyone

Nurse Alliance Roundup March 18, 2016

Nurses Roundup Newsletter March 18, 2016

Duke University non-tenure-track faculty vote to join SEIU

Full-time and Part-time Faculty at Elite Southern University Seek to Raise Standards in Higher Education

SEIU members, Flint residents demand answers to water crisis

The families of Flint are standing up to Gov. Snyder for a better tomorrow

Why I support Hillary Clinton’s vision for a healthier America

Florida RN wants young patients to live long, healthy lives, pursue big dreams

Security officer and personal trainer standing up for a stronger San Diego

Gerald says people would be healthier, wouldn't move so fast if they met their needs with just one job.

Janitors Join Women Worldwide on International Women's Day

Thousands flood streets to fight for fair pay

If there's no retirement crisis, then why are so many older women poor?

Some political ideologues claim there's no retirement crisis, but women know better.

Victory! Twin Cities janitors win tentative agreement

4,000 janitors win largest wage increase in decades

Part-time faculty at St. Charles CC join SEIU while full-time faculty at Boston U. file for an eletion

From the Arch to the Back Bay, faculty union momement has another milestone day

Minnesota security officers are the latest winners in the Fight for $15

They won after sticking together through two citywide strikes and civil disobedience.

SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup February 19, 2016

Nurses Roundup Newsletter February 19, 2016

Standing up for patients and working families

I am inspired by SEIU nurses' commitment to protect working families and improve healthcare for patients

Millennials want to retire too

I’m standing together with other Millennials across the country to fight for retirement security.

Duke faculty file to join SEIU Faculty Forward

By triggering a union election, they are taking an important step in joining a national movement

The cold hard truth: I'm a superhero without the perks

Tonia shared why those who care for our children need a raise

Flint Water Crisis: SEIU member leaders, Flint residents demand accountability in D.C.

It's time for Gov. Snyder to take responsibility for the decisions that led to this terrible disaster

SEIU members caucus and organize for Hillary Clinton

She will fight, deliver and win for working families.

Trading the Green Bay Packers for democracy

A team of 17 healthcare providers hit the streets to talk to Iowa voters

Security officers front and center in Amazon development discussion

Amazon security contractor prompts Seattle City Council to reconsider the rules of the game.

Domino victories along East Coast

What 130,000 people can accomplish together

Everyone Should Be Able to Succeed

Working people are coming together to fight back against attacks on their right to unite

2015 Journey to a Just Society

Just think of all we'll accomplish in 2016

Nurse Alliance Year-End Roundup Newsletter

Nurses Roundup Newsletter Dec. 18, 2015

Standing in solidarity and sharing in their grief.

Our hearts are broken with the tragic loss of our fallen and injured sisters and brothers.

Vigil shines light through unspeakable loss

Workers, community find hope in hopeless situation

Hillary Clinton is part of our movement

I’m supporting her because she’ll support us

SEIU endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Members: Clinton supports our movement to build a better future for working families

Tough Choices at Home; Tough Choices at Work

Nursing Home Workers Join Fight for $15

Veteran Security Officer Jeremy Birchwood on the Fight for $15

Elevating somebody else helps my community as a whole.

Air Force veteran, union leader Jimmy Moore

“Being active in my union gives me a better sense of belonging.”

Veteran says winning paid time off means valuable time with his family

Edward can now visit his family on the East Coast.

Army veteran and union leader Terry Wade organizes across cultures

“The language barrier is tough, but they light up when they see my ‘SEIU’ sign."

Army veteran Troy Williams fights for a better way of life on the home front

"...so much to be done through our unions, bc the economy is out of control."

When We Fight Together We All Win

Reflections on Los Angeles and the path to victory

SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup November 04, 2015

Nurses Roundup Newsletter November 04, 2015

Stay above the water, get covered

​Having affordable health insurance helps me stay above water

The Time is Now for Fair Chance Hiring Reforms

President Mary Kay Henry sends letter supporting Fair Chance hiring reforms

Hundreds gathered in DCA yesterday, but it wasn’t for what you think.

Workers are in the #FightFor15 from around the world.

Read our lips: Americans want to expand Social Security - not to raise the retirement age

Raising the retirement age would hurt Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.

Mary and Ricardo are joining the People’s Climate march. Find out why.

No one should have to move to a different state for cleaner air.

Do unto others

Miami home care worker Antoinette Quintyne is paying it forward

Senators introduce bill to hold for-profit colleges accountable

Faculty and students have voiced their support for the legislation

Because our fight is also about LOVE

Thousands descend into Philly to make one large statement

Thousands rally for growing movement

Nationwide wage push reaches apex in Philly

Who’ll protect us when we can no longer do this work?

The majority of home care workers have no retirement plan at work.

Preventative care for women is under attack.

Why we’ve joined #PinkOut to defend Planned Parenthood

Let us heed the pope's call to action

Standing together, we can do what it takes to make the impossible possible.

6 things Pope Francis said that will resonate with working families

He challenged Congress to do better on the issues that matter.

Is climate change linked to poverty and human dignity? Pope Francis says yes.

SEIU members join rally for climate action during papal visit

Pope Francis introduced himself to America as 'the son of an immigrant family.'

Our Pilgrims cheered his remarks on immigration and climate change.

After walking 100 miles, they hoped their last steps would shake the Capitol.

As the pope reached Washington, participants in 100 Women, 100 Miles did too.

Pope Francis talks about the dignity of work. His message has drawn workers to Washington.

16 "Pilgrims" pushing for immigration reform and economic justice

Mary Kay Henry welcomes Pope Francis and encourages conversation for working people

President Henry on why Pope visit matters to working people

Breakfast with the pope?

Join the discussion on SEIU.org on Thursday morning, during the pope's speech!

Massive protest against government austerity plan in Puerto Rico

Unions, students, and local organizations march in solidarity

SEIU remembers September 11 victims

Their lives as seen through the eyes of their friends, relatives, and co-workers

Mary Kay Henry: Recounting an inspirational Labor Day in Boston

I joined thousands of SEIU members and others to hear President Obama

SEIU Nurses, Are You In?

Join the national conversation: “How Do We Shape the Future of Nursing?”

Professors launch Faculty Forward Network

Higher Education Activists Rally Around a Growing Movement

In loving memory of John Reid

Share your reflections and stories of his life

Go Social Security—it’s your birthday

It has your back in good times and bad

Members of Congress, child care providers, and parents stand together by the U.S. Capitol (VIDEO)

No one who works hard caring for your children should live in poverty.

King v. Burwell

A nurse’s fight to keep the Affordable Care Act

7 home care providers share front-line stories about caring for others

Home care roundtable with Secretary Clinton resonates with nurses

Home care providers and consumers will tell their stories to Hillary Clinton

They're joining together to provide quality care. Watch live here on Thursday!

These 6 SEIU members are fighting for clean power

Asthma and other health hazards mean we must act

Detroit janitors win strong new contract

"We were fighting for all of Detroit"

Getting better with age

SEIU welcomes Medicare and Medicaid to its fabulous 50s

Only $10/hr after 42 years in home care?

Why Lizabeth came to DC for the White House Conference on Aging

Nace una unión de trabajadores de limpieza.

Cómo un grupo de trabajadores, en su mayoría inmigrantes, se atrevió a soñar.

Winning a voice for healthcare workers

The largest labor victory since the UAW organized in Flint, MI.

When Martin Luther King, Jr spoke to SEIU 1199

One of the last speeches he gave before he was killed.

How SEIU members won the fight for healthcare reform

Healthcare workers led the fight for Obamacare.

A union of janitors is born.

How a group of mostly immigrant workers dared to dream.

I joined the fight to stop voter discrimination.

Traveling to North Carolina to March for Voting Rights.

Nadaije has been homeless, but she's still fighting for others.

Those who care for children can't make ends meet. They deserve a living wage.

Hillary Clinton was moved by her story, now it's your turn.

Her younger child was further behind, early childcare makes a difference.

These childcare teachers just changed what this election's about.

Teachers & parents shared moving stories with Hillary Clinton

When police beat janitors — but janitors won justice.

25 years of raising America with good jobs

The history of SEIU in 11 photographs

These incredible photos tell our story

Lalo Garcia reflects on 25 years of raising America

"Because as an immigrant, I know you don't have to be afraid."

BREAKING: 8 million people get to keep their healthcare!

As a registered nurse, I see the benefits every day.

How one mom made a packed room weep

This mom and her (adorable) 3-year old son explain why we NEED $15 now

Lalo García reflexiona sobre los 25 años llevando adelante a los Estados Unidos

"Porque como inmigrante, sé que usted no tiene que tener miedo."

ÚLTIMA HORA: 8 millones de personas conservarán su seguro de salud.

Como enfermera graduada, veo los beneficios cada día.

"I used to make $15 and a union."

In order to turn bigger profits, corporations slashed my wages and benefits.

Nurses Week 2015 - a focus on advocacy & celebration

Highlights from around the country.

Healthcare law turns five.

Fight to defend it more important than ever.

Nurses take a stand at Supreme Court for healthcare law.

Also how we can apply lessons learned from the Ebola crisis.

We're stepping out in a BIG way

4 things you should know about SEIU janitors

Racial justice for all: Ferguson and beyond

We will not rest in these efforts until America is a more just society

130,000 janitors, 33 markets, 1 big goal

We're raising America with good jobs

Fighting for the American Dream: An Immigration Story

She saw her nieces and nephews separated from their parents for 30 years

My life as as a "work zombie."

"I Didn't Prepare for Retirement."

"We don't know what will happen in the future."

Far too many workers don't have access to a retirement plan at work.