Service Employees International Union

We are the Service Employees International Union, an organization of 2-million members united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide and dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families and creating a more just and humane society.


Looking for our Constitution and Bylaws? Download it here! (PDF 1.85 MB)


Faculty Forward

Full and part-time college faculty are coming together to address the crisis in higher education by increasing investment in educators, ensuring affordable, accessible higher education for students and holding for-profit higher education accountable for dismal student outcomes.

Raising California Together

Raising California Together is a coalition of child care providers, parents and allies united to ensure working families have access to quality, affordable child care and early learning opportunities.

Child Care Fight for $15

People who care for children are coming together in a national movement to get paid fairly so more kids get quality care.


iAmerica is a source of empowerment for American immigrant families of all walks of life, providing the tools and support to be informed, inspire change and impact America’s future.

Raise America: Justice for Janitors

For 30 years, janitors and their allies have fought for higher wages and standards, becoming one of the most successful underpaid worker movements in recent history. Janitors and working families are joining together nationwide to fight for $15.

Home Care Fight for $15

The demand for home care is exploding but the system doesn’t work for anyone. Home care workers and home care consumers are coming together to fight for a living wage of $15 an hour, the right to form a union without retaliation, and a home care system that works for everyone.

Airport Workers United

At airports serving more than 393 million passengers per year, underpaid airport workers are coming together to win $15 and union rights while making travel healthier and safer for all.

Racial Justice

We are on a journey to build a society where everyone’s work is valued and all people are respected. Together, we will fight anti-Black racism, structural racism, and all forms of racial oppression that prevent working people from earning a good living and having a good life.

Stand for Security

Thousands of security officers across the country are uniting to raise industry standards in order to create good jobs and make our communities safer.


The history of SEIU in 11 photographs

These incredible photos tell our story

When Martin Luther King, Jr spoke to SEIU 1199

One of the last speeches he gave before he was killed.

A union of janitors is born.

How a group of mostly immigrant workers dared to dream.

When police beat janitors — but janitors won justice.

25 years of raising America with good jobs

How SEIU members won the fight for healthcare reform

Healthcare workers led the fight for Obamacare.

Winning a voice for healthcare workers

The largest labor victory since the UAW organized in Flint, MI.

Our Leadership

SEIU officers are elected by members at the convention every four years.

Contact Us

General Phone Numbers
General Inquiries202-730-7000
Member Concerns & Complaints202-730-7684
Media Inquiries202-730-7162
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Ethics Office202-730-7184
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Data & Technology202-730-7167
Property Services202-730-7169
Health Systems202-730-7171
Workplace Safety & Health202-730-7172
Public Services202-730-7174
Multi-Services Campaign202-730-7178
BOLD Center202-730-7179
Capital Stewardship202-471-1300
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