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Watch your pressure gauge.

Let's be straight about something. Being a steward is a high-pressure job.

Anyone who's done it will tell you it's nothing like air traffic control or lion taming, however. It's worse.

You'll have days when your own members are in your face, management double-crosses you, and everything goes wrong We can't take the stress away. It goes with your territory, as it always does when someone volunteers to lead other people against tough obstacles.

But we can at least let you know we understand. Here are three things that can help:

1.Recruit helpers and delegate some of the work. You can't do it all yourself. You'll ease your own stress and give other members a chance to learn.
2.Talk to your chief steward or union officers. They'll understand.
3.Participate in your stewards council. Other stewards and activists can help you solve problems and support you.

Being able to handle all that and still keep on toward your goals is what makes SEIU stewards very special people indeed. Take pride in that. We do