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A poem: Airport Workers United by Josea Castellanos


She’s one of the first people who passengers interact with at the airport.

Josea Castellanos Poem
Josea Castellanos portrait

Josea Castellanos is a Customer Service Representative at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. 

She's 18 years old and has worked at the airport since June. 

She’s one of the first people who passengers interact with at the airport. 

She loves her job and loves helping passengers. 

She lives with her mother and grandmother and helps pay the bills to support them both. Her mother has a health condition that makes her very tired and Josea does everything she can to make life easier for her. Her father and brother live in Mexico but she can only afford to see them once a year. 

She strongly believes all airport service workers deserve better and that we need to stop corporate greed.

Airport Workers United

Leaving my house in the morning showered fresh,
Put on a nice outfit to feel my best.
Hopped in the car with
A fellow baggage handler who’s always on the scene.
Keeping up with organization is our kind of thing.
Making the union a bigger realization, even if it gets tiring.

Stay on track.
We all have each other's back.
Driving around pulling up to the office curb,
Getting more dirt on prospect, haven’t you heard?
One step closer with each meeting that’s the word.
Have hope, stay committed.

Fight the fight, stay standing on business.
Human decency, we want what we are worth.
We don’t want another Arizona summer at the airport, feeling all burnt.
Workers seem like they're being treated like chopped liver and dirt.
Airlines taking credit for all of our hard work.
We don’t want any problems, we’re just trying to make it better.
People in Congress and power, did you receive all of our written letters?

A lot of good change is what we need,
All of these dedicated communities wanting to plant a new seed.
All for some simple respect and dignity.
The world can be cold, we all already know it.
But we’ll always keep fighting, for those who live for the best moments.
We’re growing trees from those seeds to take better care of us and our families.

Airport Workers United, that’s what we’ll always be.
Community, love, and care, showing the existence of a humane society.
People working extra hours for minimum wage,
Spending the night in the office break rooms, just to keep up with their next survival desired pay.

Welcome to America's friendliest airport
That happens to be the biggest stage.
Where grandparents, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters spend most of their time and some people the rest of their days.

Not because they want to
But because they gotta.
But of course big companies only care about their next big product.

It’s crazy how safety is only a talk like gossip.
We’ll find a way to get our workers rights and nobody can stop us.
Recognize the big divide with how much is underpaid.
How are we to improvise with these standards in this day in age,
All because greedy company’s don’t give their workers the time of day.

We want Good Jobs for Good Airports, and I believe we all deserve a say.