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Fighting to Be Heard


We can (and will) change the course of history.

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By Ada Loera, Janitor in San Diego, CA
The hand I was dealt taught me to be a fighter. I’m a cancer survivor. My teenage son is a COVID survivor. And we’ve lost three family members to the pandemic.

As a janitor, people who never paid me any mind suddenly started calling me a hero when the pandemic started. Now they’ve forgotten that, but I’m still risking my life to keep them safe. It’s people like us—the ones who keep our country running—who need to be heard.

Will you join me in pledging to vote for worker-friendly candidates up and down the ballot?

Working people have already put our mark on this election. We’ve walked off the job, taken to the streets and raised our voices to demand candidates fight for unions, stand up for Black lives and take on corporate power. Now, in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we have presidential and vice presidential candidates who support a $15 minimum wage, have a plan to make it easier to join a union and will stand up for racial justice instead of working to divide us.
Our movement is gaining momentum and our votes on November 3rd are the next CRITICAL step. There’s no room for a misstep.

I’m going to vote this November, because I’ve felt loss firsthand when our leaders failed to take COVID seriously and refused to give us the safety gear we need.

When I cast my ballot, I plan to send them a clear message: I’m essential and so is my vote. Will you stand with me?