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A Letter to My Union Family


When working people show up at the polls, we all do better.

By: Vivian Deniston, member of SEIU Local 2015
Jul 09, 2020

Vivian Deniston Biden Endorsement

Dear Union Family,

I’m so proud that yesterday, SEIU endorsed Vice President Joe Biden for president. I believe this is the first step in turning our country around and in saying no to hate.

As a home care worker, I take care of my daughter. Even though she’s grown, she relies on me due to disabilities and illnesses she has faced throughout her life. For years, I heard my husband talk about the benefits of his union and didn’t think much of it. But I knew my work was being undervalued and as soon as I had a chance, I joined with other home care workers to demand better through our union. It was only by uniting that we were able to raise our wages.

Being part of a union taught me about our power when we stand together. When working people organize, there’s nothing we can’t do. As union members, many of us know this. We vote. We march. We stand up for change.

With a pandemic our federal government has failed to contain, structural racism and police brutality that kills Black people, and a rigged economy that has only ever worked for those at the top, it’s clear this isn’t an election to sit out. This year, we must go beyond doing our part. We must mobilize like we do at work. That means talking to neighbors, loved ones, and friends. It means giving our time. It means working hard so that working people vote as one.

I really admired Joe Biden when he was Vice President and was happy to hear him speak at the Unions for All Summit last fall. He's very honest and trustworthy. It doesn't feel like he has a hidden agenda when he talks to you. He's real.

Instead of attempting to divide us along differences, the Vice President will work with us to make it easier to unite in our union.

Every vote counts. I urge you to join me in not only voting for Vice President Biden in November but by committing to bring your community with you. When working people go to the polls together, we all do better.