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“We have to protect you. We have to pay you,” says Biden in roundtable with frontline healthcare workers


Event centered on the experiences of essential healthcare workers throughout the pandemic

000 Biden Home Care

Representing home care workers across the country, SEIU Local 775 member Brittany Williams participated in a roundtable with President-Elect Joe Biden Wednesday. The digital event centered on the experiences of essential healthcare workers throughout the pandemic, and the way they’re handling an increase in infection rates, limited capacity in care facilities, ongoing shortages of personal protective equipment and decreased staff numbers. 

Speaking directly to Biden, Williams, a third-generation home care worker, expressed the pride she has in her work and illustrated the critical role caregivers play in the U.S. healthcare system. She also spoke frankly about how centuries of systemic racism and sexism set the stage for the gross injustices home care workers face. Williams expressed her confidence in the game-changing Biden-Harris Caregiving Workforce Plan and emphasized what the president-elect’s investment in the home care workforce would mean for working families who provide or receive care.

“Seeing [you] put home care workers as one of your time priorities is literally life-changing,” Williams said as her voice cracked. “Please remember to push forward the plan that you have put together and make sure that the caregiver workforce is centered when it comes to rebuilding this nation. And most importantly, making sure that everyone who’s in home care — and all workers — are able to have good, strong unions.”

  • Watch the full roundtable here.
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