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Wisconsin working people win big as judge blocks GOP laws limiting powers of newly elected pro-worker Governor


Judge ruled that the last-minute “power grab” in the waning days of Scott Walker’s tenure was unconstitutional

000 Wisconsin Power Grab

After knocking on doors, attending rallies and making phone calls leading up to last fall’s gubernatorial election in Wisconsin, working people were victorious in their efforts to kick out Scott Walker and put pro-worker Tony Evers in the Governor’s mansion. Little did they know that in Walker’s final days as a lame-duck Governor, he would sign a bill passed by the GOP-controlled legislature that would limit incoming Governor Tony Evers’s ability to fully perform the job that voters elected him to do.

That’s why SEIU, along with SEIU Local 1, SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin and several allies filed a lawsuit against the last-second GOP “power grab.” A Wisconsin judge sided with union members on Tuesday on the laws’ constitutionality and blocked their most significant provisions from taking effect. It was the second such ruling that invalidated the GOP “power-grab” in the last week.

“As workers and as voters, we want to make sure that our state’s constitution is upheld,” said Solo Littlejohn, Kenosha fast food worker and Fight for $15 and a Union leader. “Former Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican legislature did everything they could to minimize the power of Gov. Tony Evers, and disrespect the voters’ rights. We refuse to be ignored and tolerate a rigged system and we believe our voices have been heard.”