BIG WIN for Child Care Providers in California


Submitted by Family Child Care Provider, Tonia McMillian

Normally Mondays are a busy day at the pre-school I run in my home. But on  Monday, September 30th, instead of my normal routine, I traveled to Sacramento to watch California Governor Newsom sign a new law that gives 40,000 family child care providers the right to form a union!

What we've accomplished shows that when working people organize, vote and make our voices heard—WE WIN. For years, we’ve fought for the right to form a union and negotiate for fair pay, only to lose at the last minute when previous Governors refused to sign our bill.

But we didn’t give up. We united our colleagues, parents and our communities—Black, brown, Asian and white—and we kept pushing. We mobilized. We signed petitions and made calls. We rallied. And we got out and voted for someone who would represent our interests and the interests of families we serve, not just the richest people in the state.

Now it’s time we do the same in DC and elect leaders who’ll make it possible for more working people to form unions, no matter where we work. It’s time for Unions For All!

This victory shows what we can do when we don’t give up and when we keep standing together.

We Won!

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