VICTORY: Emory University graduate workers win $15


Joined striking fast food workers on Oct 4 to celebrate the win and to continue the fight for all workers to win $15 an hour.

On the same day that Amazon workers won $15 an hour, Emory University graduate workers won $31,000/year -- the equivalent of $15 an hour -- for year-round, full-time work.  

This victory comes on the heels of more than two years of organizing by graduate workers for a living wage, and it means next year graduate workers will receive pay increases of up to 29 percent. They have rallied outside administrative offices, organized public support from undergraduate students and tenured faculty allies, and showed up at board meetings to make their demands heard.

“We are very excited Emory University has responded to our demands for a living wage for its graduate workers,” Emory graduate worker Isaac Horwedel explained.  “This pay increase will mean the difference between making rent or not for me and many of my fellow workers, and is a step in the right direction toward improving working conditions on campus. We hope that Emory University will work with us to expand living wages to all campus employees.”

During the October 4 Fight for $15 and a Union actions in Atlanta, Emory graduate workers joined striking fast food workers to celebrate the win and to continue the fight for all workers to win $15 an hour.

Read more about Emory’s graduate worker victory in Atlanta Journal Constitution and Inside Higher Ed.

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