Aparna Kumar,

Issued May 02, 2024

SEIU Statement on Campus Protest Crackdowns

“SEIU represents nearly 100,000 educators, graduate student employees, professional and support and contract staff who work at colleges and universities across the nation. We are the workers who help make colleges and universities run. We are the faculty, administrative staff, graduate workers, resident assistants, librarians, cafeteria workers, janitorial staff, maintenance crew and others who play critical roles educating and supporting campus communities and providing safe and clean campuses.

“The suppression of free speech sets a dangerous precedent for all who seek justice, whether it’s students calling for institutional accountability or workers organizing for better conditions on the job.

“As campuses around the United States are erupting in protest over the horrors and injustice Palestinians are facing, SEIU proudly stands in solidarity with the students, faculty and staff exercising their right to speak up. We condemn the silencing of democratic protest on college campuses, just as we condemn antisemitism, Islamophobia and hatred in all its forms.”