SEIU National Media Team,

Issued April 11, 2024

SEIU Statement on Conflict in Sudan

As a union of almost two million service and care workers across North America, SEIU members express their deep concern at the horrors that continue to unfold and escalate in Sudan. In the past year alone, thousands of people have been killed, millions have been displaced and are at risk of famine, the country’s healthcare system is on the brink of collapse, and combatants on all sides have engaged in human rights violations. Amid these horrors, care workers are risking their lives and working tirelessly to bring relief to the victims – and SEIU stands in solidarity with them. The suffering of ordinary people in Sudan and other conflict zones around the world are too often overlooked. We call on world governments to redouble their efforts to help end the fighting, ensure aid can reach the affected populations, and promote peace.