Aparna Kumar,

Issued February 06, 2024

SEIU’s Henry: “We don’t elect kings or dictators in this country ”-- the American people are not fooled by Donald Trump

WASHINGTON - Service Employees International Union  (SEIU) President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement in response to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling that Donald Trump does not have immunity from criminal prosecution

“If the rule of law does not apply to one American, it can be weaponized against all of us. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals’ rejection of Donald Trump’s ridiculous immunity claim paves the way for justice to finally be served for the subversion of the 2020 election and the chaos and destruction of January 6. We don’t elect kings or dictators in this country, and the American people are not fooled.

Today, democracy wins the day, but lasting damage has been done. Working people know that we will have to keep fighting to protect our democracy for this generation and make it more resilient against future attacks and despotic leaders. We have been rising up against corporate greed and bad bosses like never before – and winning. We won’t stop until we have an economy that works for all and a justice system that recognizes every person as equal, including presidents and billionaires.

There is no shield large enough to hide Trump’s crimes, and the choice before us could not be more stark in this election. We will be marching to the polls to re-elect Joe Biden, a president who stands with working people and their unions, and we will fight to ensure that every vote is counted and no citizen is deprived of the right to vote through intimidation, harassment, deception or any other means. ”