Caoimhín O’Donnell,

Issued February 06, 2024

SEIU Statements: Dartmouth College Men’s Basketball Team will make history with their union

WASHINGTON, DC - Service Employees International Union (SEIU) International President Mary Kay Henry, SEIU Local 560 President Chris Peck and representatives of the Dartmouth Men’s Basketball Team released the following statements today after the National Labor Relations Boards Region 1 Director issued a decision allowing Dartmouth College Men’s Basketball team members to vote on whether to unionize.

Mary Kay Henry, International President, SEIU:

“SEIU members are proudly proclaiming “Go Big Green!” today after the NLRB’s Region 1 cleared a path toward unionization and collective bargaining for the Dartmouth College Men’s Basketball Team.This is an historic step forward for economic justice, racial justice, and union rights–not just for college athletes but for millions of young people across our country whose work is not valued like it should be.

“I commend these brave young men, who I had the privilege of meeting in person, for their courage to challenge the status quo at our institutions of higher learning. I also fully support their efforts to join with other Dartmouth campus employees who already enjoy the benefits of collective bargaining.This victory manifests the aspirations of one of the most pro-union generations in American history. From Uber and Lyft drivers and others deliberately excluded from labor laws to Starbucks workers demanding a fair collective bargaining agreement, today’s decision will inspire all of those in the fight for their freedom to form a union. We look forward to welcoming Dartmouth players into an exciting and powerful movement of campus workers, which includes the Student Assistants from California State University (CSU) who are in the middle of forming the largest undergraduate worker student union in U.S. history."

Chris Peck, President, SEIU Local 560, Hanover, New Hampshire:

"It is our understanding that Dartmouth has announced that it will appeal today's ruling. President Beilock is missing an opportunity to make history with these courageous student workers. The Regional office saw through Dartmouth's arguments and we fully expect the National Board will too. The players are our members and we will support them to the end of this process."

Cade Haskins and Romeo Myrthil, Dartmouth Men’s Basketball Player Representatives:

"Our team is thrilled about the positive ruling from the NLRB regional office in Boston regarding our efforts to unionize. This is a significant step forward for college athletes, and we are excited to see how this decision will impact college sports nationwide. We believe that other athletes will recognize the opportunities this ruling presents and will be inspired to follow suit. In light of this, we are proud to announce we will form the Ivy League Players Association for basketball players across the league. This association aims to foster unity, advocate for athletes’ rights and well-being, and create a platform for collaborative decision-making. We look forward to working with our fellow Ivy League athletes to bring positive change to the landscape of college sports and the Ivy League."