Aparna Kumar,

Issued October 02, 2023

SEIU’s May Kay Henry: FAA Reauthorization Extension Offers Opportunity to ‘Get It Right’ by Ensuring Good Jobs for Airport Service Workers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mary Kay Henry, International President of the 2-million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), released the following statement in response to Congressional passage of a 45-day continuing resolution to fund the Federal government including an extension of the Federal Aviation Administration’s authorization through the end of the year:

“Airport service workers shouldn’t have to wait another minute for good, safe jobs that allow them to support their families. But, if Congress requires an extension on FAA Reauthorization, they need to use the time to get it right.

That means finalizing a bill that writes in good jobs with fair wages, affordable health care and paid time off for the airport service workers who help keep passengers safe and our nation flying. The Good Jobs for Good Airports wage and benefits standards don’t cost U.S. taxpayers a dime, yet they can change the lives of tens of thousands of airport service workers instantly.

Airport service workers across the nation have taken bold action to demand good jobs, bravely rising up and even getting arrested in peaceful protest to make their voices heard. This Black, brown and immigrant-powered workforce includes the baggage handlers, security guards, cabin cleaners, janitors, ramp agents and more who help make air travel possible. And they’re fed up with poverty wages, no affordable health care, no paid sick days and non-stop dysfunction. The major airlines have driven unending chaos in U.S. air travel, all while raking in record revenues, charging travelers sky-high prices and failing to ensure good jobs for airport service workers.

Over the next few weeks, Congress has a choice in the FAA Reauthorization bill: to support working people, as so many claim to do, or leave them behind. It’s time to write us in and make sure every airport service worker gets the respect, protections and pay they need to thrive.”