Aparna Kumar,, 202-730-7162

Issued June 30, 2022

SEIU’s Henry: Supreme Court Decision that the Administration Can End “Remain in Mexico” Will Help Families and Save Lives

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the United States Supreme Court ruling that the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy was lawfully terminated, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry released the following statement:

“It’s a tremendous relief that the Supreme Court has agreed to allow the Biden administration to end the inhumane and xenophobic program known as “Remain in Mexico.” Under this policy, people seeking sanctuary at our southern border are left stranded in unsafe Mexican shanty towns for long stretches of time while waiting for their asylum cases to be considered. If they get a hearing, they must plead their case in kangaroo-court-like conditions that make it nearly impossible to obtain due process.

With this decision, the Supreme Court is allowing the Biden administration to eliminate a significant obstacle to their ability to vindicate their rights. While this is welcome news, this is only one step in the right direction. Our nation’s immigration policy as a whole still fails to live up to our ideals and recent court decisions are making it even worse by often forcing the administration to continue some of the harsh and ineffective policies implemented by the Trump Administration. We must do better.

The majority of voters across party lines support a fair, orderly, and humane immigration system under which people seeking refuge have an opportunity to plead their case before an immigration judge. Working people know that immigrants make our nation stronger and whole. As essential workers – nurses, home care workers, security guards, teachers, first responders, janitors, public service workers and so much more – immigrants continue to play a crucial role in keeping the fabric of our communities together.

SEIU’s 2 million members are calling on Congress to create a fair and humane asylum process, establish a path to citizenship for immigrants who have long called this country home, and finally breathe new life into the American dream. We can’t wait any longer – countless lives are at stake."