Aparna Kumar,

Issued May 20, 2022

SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry: Title 42 Ruling an Affront to American Ideals

WASHINGTON, DC – Following US District Judge Robert Summerhays’ ruling to extend Title 42, SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry released the following statement:

“Judge Summerhays' decision is a travesty of law and humanity. Title 42, enacted by Trump, prevents people who arrive at our border fleeing danger in their home countries from legally requesting asylum in the United States. Today’s decision forces the administration to keep this terrible policy in place.

Our country can live up to its highest ideals by welcoming women, men and children in life-threatening circumstances, as we’ve shown most recently with our support for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, the judge’s decision runs counter to those ideals.

Immigrants from all backgrounds are essential – they make our nation stronger, and they have contributed to our economy and served our communities tirelessly throughout this pandemic. They are care workers, nurses, security guards, teachers, first responders, janitors, public service workers, and so much more. They are our neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends.

Some in Congress are now considering legislation that would in effect keep Title 42 in place indefinitely. That would signal the abandonment of the dream of America as a beacon for the oppressed. This issue is personal. Many SEIU leaders and members came to the U.S. seeking refuge. They might not be here today had Title 42 been in place. We fervently hope and believe that this decision will be overturned, and that Title 42 will finally be brought to an end, once and for all.”