Aparna Kumar,

Issued February 10, 2022

SEIU’s Henry: Starbucks’ Firing of Memphis Workers Is a New Low in Company’s Relentless Union-Busting

“Every worker — no matter where they live or who signs their paycheck — has a right to organize and join together in a union. SEIU stands with Starbucks workers in Memphis, who are united across race and who refuse to be silent or divided in the face of corporate greed and scapegoating. These workers’ egregious firing is a new low in the company’s relentless union-busting campaign.

“The NLRB must take swift and decisive action to address this situation. We need sweeping, systemic change to check corporate power – it’s time for our labor laws to reflect workers’ current reality. When massive corporations like Starbucks act as though they can silence workers with impunity, it only underscores workers’ demands to be respected, protected, and paid — with a seat at the table together in their unions. We must make clear that when workers join together and speak with one voice, they are more powerful than any corporation.

SEIU members and workers with the Fight for $15 and a Union are inspired by the bravery of Starbucks workers across the country, and we will continue to support their fight to bargain for a better workplace through a union.”