Terry Lee,

Issued August 25, 2021

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry's Statement on Supreme Court Ordering Trump’s Migration Protection Protocols Restarted

"The decision to force the Biden administration to re-implement the cruel and discredited Migration Protection Protocols (MPP) program while the appeals process slowly winds its way through the courts is a legal and moral travesty. Many migrants sent back to Mexico under MPP have been raped, kidnapped, tortured, assaulted, and victimized by other crimes while living in shanty towns on the other side of the border. They have also, as a practical matter, been prevented from asserting their rights under our laws to asylum or other protections. Just five months ago, the Supreme Court allowed Trump to implement this legally dubious program while it was appealed. The Court's 6 Republican appointed justices failed to apply the same standard to a Biden administration decision.

"The Biden administration is, of course, required to adhere to the Court's ruling, but that must not be the end of the question. They must do all that is necessary to protect the life and welfare of those that the program traps in Mexico, and they must not sleep until they have ended this inhumane program in a manner that the courts will respect."