Sara Lonardo,

Issued October 15, 2020

SEIU and Priorities USA Action Launch Partnership to Turn Out Black and Latino Voters in Pennsylvania

SEIU and Priorities USA Action are launching a partnership that will include a digital advertising campaign meant to turn out infrequent Black and Latino voters across Pennsylvania. The ads will run as part of an over $4 million campaign on digital platforms and primarily target young voters in the run up to Election Day.

As the election cycle reaches its final few weeks, SEIU and Priorities USA are increasingly focused on getting infrequent voters to the polls now that early vote locations are open and mail-in ballots are being accepted in many states. The ads the organizations are running in Pennsylvania, like “All Of Us,” focus on voting as a tool to make our communities better for the future.

In Priorities’ panel tests, “All Of Us” increased vote likelihood over 3% and increased voter enthusiasm by over 4%. Priorities has identified Pennsylvania as a tipping point on Joe Biden’s path to electoral victory, and is investing over $32 million in TV, digital, and radio ad buys in the state.   

“In these final days, we need to make sure every voter has the access they need to make a plan to vote,” said Maria Peralta, National Political Director for the Service Employees International Union. “Black, Latinx, and API voters will be the deciding factor in this election. We are proud to partner with Priorities USA and AFSCME to talk about why Vice President Joe Biden is the leader we need to pull us out of this pandemic and economic crisis we face. We need to make sure every voice is heard, and every vote is counted in Pennsylvania and across the country.”

“Pennsylvania is crucial to a Joe Biden victory and we’re making every investment necessary to deliver this state for the Biden-Harris ticket. Donald Trump’s efforts to damage our environment, undermine workers’ rights, gut health care, and sow division have hurt Pennsylvanians especially hard. Priorities is proud to partner with SEIU to do the important work of mobilizing voters to defeat Donald Trump,” said Patrick McHugh, Executive Director of Priorities USA. “Everything is on the line in November. That’s why we’ve created a robust, dynamic advertising program designed to reach every voter where they are and where they get their information. Every voter we persuade, every voter we turn out is another step toward ending the chaos of Donald Trump and building our country back better with Joe Biden.”


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