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Issued January 24, 2020

Mary Kay Henry statement on the rigged Senate impeachment trial

WASHINGTON, DC - Service Employees International Union International President Mary Kay Henry released the following statement today on the procedure approved by the Senate for President Trump's impeachment trial:

“All Americans—no matter where we are from or what color we are—can agree that our democracy is too important for any individual to be above the law, including the nation’s president.  We are deeply disappointed that some senators continue to play political games with issues as serious as our democracy and the sanctity of our elections by refusing to commit to calling witnesses or reviewing critical documents.  

“All senators need to put our country over partisanship. These first votes were their first test of that and too many of our elected leaders failed. But it’s not too late to include testimony and evidence that the American public deserves to hear. Working people will be watching future votes closely to see who stands with us. 

“Working people—whether we are Black, white, Latinx, or Asian—are sick of those in power rigging the system in their favor.  We feel it in our workplaces every day when corporations are allowed to abuse their power by attacking the rights of working people fighting for a union.  We see it at the ballot box when those in power try to make it harder for our votes to be counted. Working families will not sit by quietly as Senator McConnell and other elected officials try to further rig the rules of this trial, the economy and our nation’s laws for political gain.  We’re watching these hearings closely and will remember who stood with us this November.”