Sara Lonardo,

Issued September 12, 2019

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry released the following statement in response to the Democratic presidential debate in Houston Thursday:

"It was inspiring to see an energetic debate over progressive ideas tonight, but the discussion missed a crucial point: The only hope we have for winning progressive change of any kind is by empowering working people to organize.

"We cannot defend immigrants, lift up communities of color, save our planet or fix our economy without building the power of working people who will hold the next president accountable. And the only way to empower millions of working people is by winning Unions for All.

"We've had three debates in the last three months but still not a single serious discussion about what the candidates will do to respond to workers across the country who are demanding the opportunity to bargain for better wages, better jobs and a fair shot at a better future for our families.

"The two million members of SEIU and workers nationwide organizing to win a union will not settle for any candidate without a serious plan to make Unions for All a reality."