Sara Lonardo,

Issued May 16, 2019

SEIU’S Sáenz: Trump’s Immigration Plan Hurts Working People and Rewards Those With Power and Privilege

WASHINGTON, DC — SEIU International Executive Vice President Rocio Sáenz issued the following statement on President Trump’s announced immigration plan:

“SEIU members want an America that is welcoming to all, no matter what their religion, nationality, or station in life. Any serious immigration plan should start by addressing the agonizing limbo the 11 million people without status face every day. Instead, President Trump's immigration proposal sidesteps the issue entirely, rewarding those with power and privilege at the expense of family ties and our nation's economic needs.

“We recognize the critical contributions that hardworking immigrants make to our country. That’s why rather than introducing a proposal that hurts our economy and corrupts our values by prioritizing elite credentials and accolades above all else, we need our lawmakers to put working people first and do what is best for the country overall— that means passing legislation that supports good union jobs, raises wages, and creates a fair immigration process for those who aspire to stay, work and thrive in our country, just like everyone else.

“We need more solutions like the Dream and Promise Act, which would provide Dreamers and people with DED or TPS who have been living or working in the U.S. for years to stay here permanently. This includes SEIU members like Miriam Pineda. She needs the Dream and Promise Act to keep the career, family, and home she has dedicated the last 22 years to building in this country. It would ensure that she is able to continue working, contributing, and living with her family here, in the only country she’s known for more than two decades.

“We will continue to use our collective power to stand up for all families and demand respect for the dignity of work because everyone, no matter where they were born, want and deserve the same things: economic stability and security for our families.