Sara Lonardo,, 202-730-7332

Issued December 21, 2018

SEIU’s Henry: Working people voted for good jobs, affordable healthcare, an economy that works for all Americans—not a shutdown.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Service Employees International President Mary Kay Henry released the following statement on the impending partial government shutdown: “Working families—Black, white and brown—want a government that is open and working to improve their lives. President Trump and his Republican Congressional allies have completely ignored the message voters sent them last month by refusing to compromise and shutting down part of the federal government over his border wall. America is a loving and accepting country where we put families first, treat people seeking safety in our country with compassion, and respect all people, regardless of our differences. This political stunt flies in the face of everything our flag stands for.

“Working families cast their ballot in the midterm elections for the ability to join a union, higher wages and affordable healthcare—not a border wall intended to divide us from our neighbors. President Trump is holding our country hostage over the border wall. He had all year to work with Congress and fund the government. Republicans have controlled Congress and the White House for the last two years. They have no excuses for not funding the government on time.

“The Trump administration and Congress must respect the priorities of working people who voted for good jobs, affordable healthcare and an economy that works for all Americans—not a shutdown.”