María Ponce,, 202-394-2139

Issued November 09, 2018

SEIU’s Sáenz: President Trump’s Asylum proclamation brutal violation of American law

WASHINGTON, D.C.— In response to the Trump administration’s new rule and proclamation to prohibit people fleeing persecution and violence from applying for asylum in the U.S. at our southern border, SEIU International Executive Vice President and iAmerica Action President Rocio Sáenz issued the following statement:

“Instead of continuing to ignite fear and racial panic to deliberately distract and divide Americans on immigration, this administration should support families who are fleeing to protect their children from unimaginable violence. This effort to eviscerate asylum protections and send people back to their death is a shameful, brutal violation of American law, American values and international treaties that U.S. signed decades ago. These treaties were agreed upon after World War II when our country promised that we will no longer turn away people seeking protection, like we did when Jews fled Nazi Germany.

“Tuesday’s results prove that Americans – across party lines – won’t be divided by hatred and the demonization of immigrants. We voted for common-sense solutions that put families first like affordable healthcare, higher wages, and the opportunity to join a union no matter where we work to level the playing field and hold corporations and politicians accountable.

“Voters want Dreamers and TPS holders to be protected; families to remain together; refugees to have their legal, guaranteed right to apply for asylum; and leaders who fix the problems at hand – healthcare, taxes and a struggling education system. We want a Congress that honors our past and works for a united America. And we demand that of the White House as well.”