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Issued October 10, 2018

SEIU's Sáenz: President Trump's proposal goes against who we are as Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C.— SEIU International Vice President Rocio Sáenz issued the following statement on the proposed public charge rule, officially published Wednesday, that would make working and low-income people ineligible to receive a green card:

“This proposed rule diminishes who we are as Americans and ignores our deepest values.  We understand that hard-working immigrant families should not have to choose between taking their child to the doctor or building a future together in America. We don’t judge people by their credit score or how old they are, but how they help their neighbors, their family and their community.

“If this proposal goes through, it could force families to forego needed healthcare or go hungry or become homeless in exchange for the opportunity of becoming a green card holder in the future. Decisions on whether a family can remain together should not be based on how well a person speaks English or what kind of diploma they received.

“This will have lasting consequences not just on the well-being of working families, but also the communities in which they live. New Americans pay city, county, state and federal taxes that  strengthen their communities, and finance healthcare and social service programs. If they are driven into the shadows or out of this country, everyone will suffer.

"SEIU members are ready to join together in their union and hold Republican leaders in Congress accountable at the polls this November for standing in the way of new Americans, Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status holders and other working people.”