María Ponce,, 202-394-2139

Issued September 06, 2018

​SEIU’s Henry: The Administration’s proposed rule is an assault on child safety and would lead to more heartless and cruel treatment of innocent children​

WASHINGTON, D.C.—SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement on the proposed rule intended to terminate the child protections recognized in the 1997 Flores Settlement Agreement:

“SEIU members believe that no matter where we come from or what our color, parents strive to make life better for our families. The Trump administration’s proposed rule is an assault on child safety. It will weaken critical protections for children and continue to keep innocent children in jails or cages rather than in safe communities where they can thrive.

“Treating children and their families cruelly and unfairly divides our nation and undermines the rights and protections all working people depend on to prosper. We can and must do better for families who move to America seeking safety. We are a country of compassion, opportunity and hope. We must put families first and respect all people, regardless of our differences and create an environment where children and families can thrive.

“We've seen this Administration's treatment of children and families.  Even after a federal judge ordered Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to reunite children with their families, nearly 500 children remain separated from their parents. This administration needs to stop blaming new Americans when they are the ones passing tax giveaways to corporations and billionaires, trying to take away our healthcare and attempting to ram through Supreme Court nominees who will rule against working people for the next 40 years.

“Instead of eliminating protections provided by the Flores Settlement, this Administration should move heaven and earth to reunite these families now and come up with policy solutions that put families first.  We can and must do better.”