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Issued October 06, 2017

SEIU Nurse Alliance: Trump administration fails to understand basic women’s healthcare

WASHINGTON, DC– The Chairperson of the Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare, Dian Palmer, RN, issued the following statement in response to the proposed rule that would eliminate access to no-cost contraception through the Affordable Care Act:

“The Trump administration’s latest attack on working women and our families opens the door for women to be denied birth control, a fundamental part of our healthcare, based upon where we work -- and that’s just wrong. The proposed rule would make the guarantee of birth control coverage with no out-of-pocket costs for 55 million women essentially meaningless. Once again, political self-interests are being placed before the health and well-being of women across this country.

“For years, women in our union have had to demand access to birth control as part of guaranteed comprehensive health coverage in their contracts and have fought to ensure every woman has the same benefit through the Affordable Care Act.  We’ve made too much progress in primary and preventive care to give corporations and businesses the right to make medical decisions about what kind of healthcare coverage working women need. That includes who should have birth control coverage and who shouldn’t. Like all other matters of basic healthcare, these decisions are between a woman and her healthcare providers -- not CEOs.

“After the failed attempt by extremists in Congress to take away healthcare from millions of working Americans and gut Medicaid, the Trump administration is looking to willfully sabotage our healthcare by any means possible, including denying American women essential healthcare coverage.  

“SEIU, the nation’s largest union of nurses, physicians, home care and healthcare workers, brings together working women and men for a stronger voice to create a better future for our families and advocate for more affordable, quality healthcare for all. We will continue to use our voices and strength as union members to oppose this proposed rule, and any other effort by this administration or Congress that places political gain before the healthcare of American women and their families.”