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Issued October 20, 2017

SEIU members speak out after Senate clears the way for cuts to Medicare, Medicaid in favor of tax giveaways for the wealthy, corporations

WASHINGTON, DC - SEIU’s two million members reacted with outrage after GOP Senators voted today to pave the way for huge tax giveaways to millionaires and corporations at the expense of working families. The budget resolution sets up a process for Republicans to pass legislation that cuts taxes for the wealthy and corporations at the expense of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, education and programs that matter in the lives of working families.

“The cuts make me angry and sad because they will hurt so many people, including my own family, all just to give tax breaks to the wealthiest one percent,” said Josh Kunkle, a Pittsburgh security officer and 32BJ SEIU member. “My wife relies on Medicaid and my child relies on CHIP. They would be without health care if these cuts go through. God forbid if my child becomes ill, we wouldn’t have coverage.”

SEIU members are not giving up after this vote though, and have vowed to fight back every step of the way. “We beat them back when they tried to cut health insurance from millions of people and we won’t let it happen this time either, the health of our residents and our families is too important,” said Carlita Adamy, a Syracuse, NY nursing home worker and 1199SEIU member. “Maybe this time they will get the message.”

From coast to coast between now and November of 2018, SEIU members will be watching Congress closely and will hold those elected officials accountable who continue to support policies that further rig the system against working families.