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Issued September 27, 2017

SEIU’s Henry: GOP tax proposal rigs the rules even more in favor of the wealthy, against working families

WASHINGTON—SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement on the Republican tax proposal released today:

“For decades, politicians have passed tax giveaways for their corporate buddies at the expense of working families. Members of Congress and our president should be creating good jobs, investing in education and supporting the ability of working people to stick together in unions to make their voices heard.  If the proposal released today becomes law it would move us further away from those goals and perpetuate the rules that are already rigged against working families.

“SEIU’s two million members won’t stand for this. They showed the power that comes from joining together in the fight to save healthcare. Now Republicans are at it again, but SEIU members are going to keep making their voices heard and make it crystal clear that any tax plan that favors corporations and millionaires at the expense of working families is unacceptable.”