Sara Lonardo,, 202/730-7332

Issued September 25, 2017

SEIU’S Henry: Big step forward for Fight for $15 and a Union as Target announces $15 minimum wage by 2020

“When two hundred fast food workers walked off the job in November of 2012, little did they know that they were launching a movement that would lead to millions of working people getting on a path to $15 an hour.

“All of the strikes, rallies, and actions by courageous underpaid workers in the years since have led to raises for more than 20 million working people, with more than 10 million on a path to $15 an hour. 

“Now, more than 323,000 Target hourly workers and 100,000 holiday seasonal workers will make at least $15 an hour by 2020. It’s time for other big corporations like McDonald’s to follow Target’s lead and commit to a wage floor of $15 an hour.

“As we saw on Labor Day when tens of thousands of workers took to the streets to call for BOTH $15 an hour AND a union, working people need the power in numbers through a union to win better healthcare coverage, reasonable scheduling, health and safety protections and other issues that impact their lives.

“Target’s decision to raise its wage floor is good news for working Americans and their families. Other corporations should do the same thing."