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Issued June 27, 2017

SEIU’s Sáenz: The Muslim ban case is not over, we will continue to fight for our American values

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to review the 4th and 9th Circuit Courts of Appeals decisions in the Muslim ban cases in October and allow a partial version of the ban to take effect, SEIU International Executive Vice President and iAmerica Action President Rocio Sáenz issued the following statement:

“Today’s decision by the Supreme Court to allow a partial version of the ban to take effect is an affront to the founding principles of our country: religious freedom, diversity and protecting those seeking safety. 

"This “partial ban” is still a ban and it discriminates against people based on their religion and nationality. 

“For the Trump Administration, this was a setback.  The Supreme Court did acknowledge that President Trump’s discriminatory ban was too broad and protects immigrants and refugees with U.S. family, educational and employment ties.   We are confident that at the end of the day our founding principles and American values will be victorious.”

“SEIU members and our communities will continue to fight in the courts, in the streets, and at the airports against Trump’s discriminatory actions to ensure that all of our rights are protected.

“We will use our collective power in the days and months ahead to fight back against the extremists that use race and religion as a “divide and conquer” strategy to keep working people from coming together to fight structural and anti-Black racism.