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Issued May 15, 2017

SEIU’s Henry: Moral revival campaign will help advance racial, economic justice

WASHINGTON, D.C.—SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement in support of the Rev. Dr. William Barber’s launch of a new Poor People’s Campaign and National Call for a Moral Revival: 

“Working families are under attack on multiple fronts from the self-interested politicians and their greedy corporate backers who have waged a decades-long assault on working people and communities of color. The Rev. Dr. William Barber’s new Poor People’s Campaign and National Call for a Moral Revival comes at a crucial time when we are under a more furious, sustained assault than any time in recent memory.

“The Rev. Barber understands that for our children to have a chance at a better life, we must link the fights for higher wages and the ability to join together in a union with the fight for racial justice. We cannot achieve economic justice unless we attack the systemic racism that still plagues our nation.

“The Rev. Barber has been a longtime supporter of SEIU members, our allies and the Fight for $15 and a union because he understands how these fights are tied together. Only by linking arms and standing together will all working people be able to provide for their families, create an economy where everyone who works can provide for their family, and a democracy where everyone has a voice.

“SEIU members and our communities have been showing up with our allies, from healthcare town halls to climate and immigration marches, to take back power for our families. By standing shoulder to shoulder with the Rev. Barber and his powerful movement we will create an America where all work is valued, and all families and communities have the opportunity to thrive.