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Issued December 05, 2016

Obama Administration decision to halt Dakota Access Pipeline right for Standing Rock Sioux

Decision shows the power of collective action and communities coming together

WASHINGTON—The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) issued the following statement today on the Obama Administration’s decision to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. Read more from SEIU Healthcare Minnesota’s Indian Healthcare Board here.

“The Obama Administration’s decision to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline is what the Standing Rock Sioux need. It respects their sacred grounds and takes into consideration the potential of a hazardous pipeline leak that would harm the community’s life and livelihood.

“SEIU members have been among the thousands of people from across the nation who traveled to North Dakota and participated in actions in their own communities to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux. This delay in construction by the Obama Administration shows the power of people coming together through collective action to change their lives and build a better future for our communities.

“As the nation’s largest healthcare union, we will continue to fight for our government to address the growing environmental threats to the health and safety of our families and communities caused by greedy corporations that profit from an unchecked ability to pollute our air and water. In too many of our communities, asthma and other respiratory and health ailments caused by toxic air and water affect our health and ability to thrive.

“SEIU members are deeply committed to making sure all work is valued and respected, and we know that working people employed by the fossil fuel industry are caught in the middle. SEIU members recognize the importance of these jobs for the families and rely on them, and we will fight for a just transition and for an economy and democracy in which all families can thrive and get ahead.”