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Issued November 03, 2016

SEIU Makes Final GOTV Push for Clinton with Massive Canvass in Battleground States

Canvassers to turn out voters, knocking more than 1.4 million doors in NV, IA, PA, NH, VA, CO, MI, OH, FL

NOTE: Canvas ride-along and interviews with volunteers, B-roll and photos opportunities available all weekend in cities across the country.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Until polls close Tuesday, Nov. 8, SEIU (Service Employees International Union) canvassers are making the final get-out-the-vote push for Hillary Clinton and down ballot champions on the issues that have moved working families this election. Across the United States -- especially in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Iowa and Nevada -- member-volunteers and canvassers will be knocking on more than 1.4 million doors, reaching out to more than one million Black, Latino, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and white working-class voters.

On Election Day alone, canvassers will knock on more than 230,000 doors in Pennsylvania and 111,000 doors in Florida, capping a week in which they will have visited half a million households in each targeted state. The largest independent-expenditure program in SEIU history is powering the largest field effort of any organization in the nation this election. That includes the biggest canvasses in Philadelphia, in the entire state of Florida and in Detroit, and impacting battlegrounds from Pittsburgh and Denver to Richmond and Cleveland. The GOTV push rounds out an enormous field program that began in June and has been complemented by powerful television, radio and digital advertising in English and Spanish reaching key constituencies including Black and Latino voters.

Since the beginning of September, 50,000 SEIU members have volunteered their time as part of an intense voter mobilization effort, one of the largest in SEIU’s history. Over the next five days, SEIU members from battleground states will be joined by members from non-battleground states to make sure every Hillary Clinton voter gets to the polls. Janitors, security officers and airport workers from California, Illinois and New York will leave after their jobs shift, some as late as 2:00 am, to head to Nevada, Iowa, Virginia and other battleground states to join adjunct professors, home care, child care and public service workers for volunteer shifts to elect leaders who will be champions on the issues that matter to working families: raising wages; the right to join together in a 21st century union; affordable child and home care; and racial, immigrant and environmental justice for all communities. 

In the final days of the election, members will be focused on key battleground cities including: Davenport, IA; Philadelphia, PA; Fairfax, VA; Detroit, MI; Manchester, NH; Miami, FL; and Cleveland, OH. 

To interview a member or SEIU official or to join a canvas or phone bank, please contact or 202-730-7332.