Sahar Wali,

Issued October 28, 2016

Statement by SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry on the letter from FBI Director Comey to Congressional GOP leaders

WASHINGTON- SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement calling on FBI Director Comey to provide the American public more information on today's leaked letter to GOP Congressional leaders:
"Three months ago, FBI Director Comey completed the investigation into Secretary Clinton's emails and determined there was no basis to move forward what so ever. The letter sent to Congressional GOP leaders today in no way indicates that any such investigation is being reopened. In fact, the current emails in question are from an unrelated case and not from Secretary Clinton. Director Comey must provide more information to the American people immediately. To issue ambiguous information 11 days before the most consequential presidential election of our lifetimes is unprecedented and troubling. 
"Working families across the country are sick and tired of the tirade of hate and attack purported by Trump and his agenda of division. Thats why SEIU Members have been out by the tens of thousands speaking to voters about the facts in this election and when voters hear the truth and the contrast they overwhelmingly choose Clinton over Trump. This instance is no different; working families are out in force and will be a decisive voting block that elects Hillary Clinton as our next president."