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Issued October 25, 2016

New TV ad shows the real Kelly Ayotte: A friend and admirer of Trump who’s out for herself

SEIU invests $1.5 million to ensure New Hampshire voters know Senator Kelly Ayotte is in Trump's corner..

Kelly Ayotte said she’d vote for Donald Trump, then revealed what she truly thought of him: she said Trump would be a good role model for kids. Now, as Election Day approaches, she’ll say whatever she thinks will help her hold onto her Senate seat. But Granite State voters know political nonsense when they see it.

That’s the message of a new television ad airing on broadcast outlets in the Boston (Manchester) market. The Service Employees International Union’s Committee On Political Education (SEIU COPE), standing with New Hampshire’s working families, is spending $1.5 million on the spot to ensure voters know who Kelly Ayotte really is.

“When it served her purpose, Ayotte buddied up to Trump,” the narrator in the ad says. “But she kept playing politics and flip-flopping around. Kelly Ayotte, the politician: looking out for herself.”

In a now-notorious exchange shown in the ad, a debate moderator asks Ayotte, “Would you tell a child to aspire to be like Donald Trump?” Ayotte’s response: “Absolutely, I would do that.”

Click here to watch the ad, “Vote.” Find a transcript below.

SEIU COPE is SEIU’s political action fund, supported by small-dollar contributions from the janitors, nurses, home care and child care providers and many other working women and men who members of SEIU.