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Issued September 20, 2016

Trump, Heck linked as first ad of massive Nevada buy underscores Heck’s terrible immigration record

SEIU/iAmerica Action launches $1 million Senate race ad campaign aimed at Latinos

LAS VEGAS — If there’s any doubt about whether Latinos are familiar with Joe Heck’s anti-immigration record, there won’t be for long, as a million-dollar radio ad campaign will let Spanish-speaking Nevadans know just how similar Joe Heck is to Donald Trump.

With the Senate race tied and Nevada being a presidential battleground state, SEIU/iAmerica Action and partners will be on the ground and on the airwaves to tip the balance for Catherine Cortez Masto and Hillary Clinton. The first ad in a series began running this morning on Spanish-language radio, and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), standing with Latino workers and families, says the spots will run for the next two weeks, to be accompanied soon by television ads.

“Joe Heck’s and Donald Trump’s plans would tear millions of immigrant families apart,” said Rocio Sáenz, an international executive vice president at SEIU. “In Heck’s and Trump’s Nevada, wages are low, care for our children and parents is hard to access, people of all races and ethnicities are divided against each other and millions of our friends and neighbors will have no pathway to citizenship. That’s Donald Trump’s and Joe Heck’s vision.”

(Click here to hear the ad.)

The total SEIU/iAmerica Action investment in this phase will be $1 million toward ensuring Nevada voters understand Joe Heck has always been an adversary of immigrant families and is no different from Donald Trump and his rhetoric.

“Heck tiene años apoyando una política de inmigración que destruiría a nuestras familias,” the ad explains: “Heck spent years supporting an immigration agenda that would tear our families apart.” (See the full Spanish transcript and English translation below.)

“¿Hay alguna diferencia?” “Is there a difference?” the ad asks. It reminds voters that Joe Heck voted four times against DAPA and DACA and describes Trump’s inhumane immigration ideas.

“A fifth of Nevada’s voters are Latino – more than 330,000 people,” said Sáenz. “Latino voters have the power to stop Donald Trump and Joe Heck by electing champions in Hillary Clinton and Catherine Cortez Masto.”

Transcript (Spanish):

¿Hay alguna diferencia entre Joe Heck y Donald Trump?

Veamos los hechos:

Heck tiene años apoyando una política de inmigración que destruiría a nuestras familias.

Votó cuatro veces en contra de DACA y DAPA, poniendo en peligro de deportación a miles de nuestros DREAMers.

Trump anularía el DREAM Act y crearía un “fuerza de deportación.”

¿Y Joe Heck? Sigue votando en Washington en contra de nosotros...

Quiso negar la ciudadanía a niños nacidos aquí de padres inmigrantes y votó para bloquear las acciónes sobre la inmigración del Presidente Obama.

Ahora Trump quiere deportar a 11 millones de inmigrantes y construir un muro mientras Joe Heck dice que tiene “muchas esperanzas” para Trump. 

Los hechos no mienten:

Joe Heck y Trump son iguales en lo que es realmente importante para Nevada. 

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Translation (English):

IS there a difference between Joe Heck and Donald Trump? Let’s look at the facts:

Heck spent years supporting an immigration agenda that would tear our families apart.

He voted against DACA and DAPA four times, putting thousands of our DREAMers at risk of deportation.

Trump would repeal the DREAM Act, and create a “deportation task force.”

And Joe Heck? He keeps voting in Washington against us...

Joe Heck wanted to stop giving citizenship to some children of immigrants born here, and voted to block President Obama’s actions/ orders on immigration.

Now Trump wants to deport 11 million immigrants and build a wall while Joe Heck says he has “high hopes” for Trump.

The facts don’t lie --

Heck and Trump are the SAME on what truly matters most to Nevada.

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