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Issued August 08, 2016

SEIU Executive Vice President Luisa Blue on Donald Trump’s call to ban immigration from the Philippines

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to Donald Trump’s suggestion that the United States ban immigration from the Philippines, SEIU Executive Vice President Luisa Blue, a Filipina whose parents emigrated from the Philippines, released the following statement: 

“Donald Trump disrespects Filipinos and exposes his own ignorance and racism by calling for a ban on immigration from the Philippines. His lack of appreciation of the contributions Filipino laborers have made to this country is shocking.

Since the 1920s, Filipinos have immigrated to this country to work on farms and in the fishing canneries of the Pacific Northwest, helping to build our nation's agriculture and fishing industries. Today Filipino immigrants are a driving force in the healthcare industry, working as healthcare professionals saving lives and providing quality care.

I'm concerned that Trump continues to expand on the hateful rhetoric during his campaign for president, and I can only imagine what he will do if he wins. It's time for Filipino Americans and other Asian American and Pacific Islanders to join together and use our strength at the ballot box to make sure that we defeat Donald Trump in November and elect Hillary Clinton, who stands with Filipino Americans and all working families.”