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Issued June 23, 2016

SEIU’s Henry: Now More Than Ever, We Need to Build a Wider Movement for Justice

WASHINGTON—In response to the events of Thursday, June 23, 2016, SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement:

“From the House to the Supreme Court to Baltimore, Thursday’s events reveal that so many issues of justice are interconnected -- and that so much hinges on the November election.

“This has been an historic day, and I, like many of us, am experiencing an array of different emotions: inspired by the courage of Rep. John Lewis and members of Congress sitting in on the House floor, demanding action to protect our families from gun violence; disappointed and frustrated that the Supreme Court deadlocked on immigration so relief for millions of immigrant families remains blocked; encouraged that the Court upheld the ability of our colleges and universities to provide a fair chance to students who are striving in the face of structural racism; and disheartened that justice in Baltimore seems so hard to reach.

“On days like today, it becomes clear how all of these issues are interconnected in the lives of Americans across communities nationwide, and together we must build a wider movement that will turn out and take our fight to the ballot box this November to ensure a better future for our families.

“Today’s events underscore the importance of November’s election. We need to mobilize to elect champions who will fight to keep immigrant families together and create a path to citizenship, not tear families apart and deport millions; who are committed to addressing racial injustice, not fanning the flames of hatred; who are willing to stand up to the gun lobby to keep our families safe, not pander to the NRA.

“Today’s split decision that blocks executive action to keep immigrant families together wouldn’t have happened if the Senate had taken action to consider and vote on President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. We must do everything we can to make sure the next president is someone who will nominate a ninth justice who will stand up for working families.

“SEIU members are committed to building a wider movement for a better future for our families, and we will keep on fighting, marching and voting until we achieve our vision for a just society: where all work is valued and all people are respected; where all families and communities thrive; and where we leave a better and more equal world for generations to come.”