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Issued June 23, 2016

SEIU: Supreme Court Split Decision is a Historic Failure for All Families

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Supreme Court’s split decision in U.S. v. Texas effectively allows the block on President Obama’s immigration actions, DAPA and expanded DACA, to continue.

Rocio Saenz, the Executive Vice President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), responded to the news:

“This is far from over. While the Supreme Court split decision failed to deliver justice for all of America’s families, our fight does not stop here.

“This is personal. We will remain at the front-lines, committed to defending the immigration initiatives and paving the path to lasting immigration reform.

“Let’s be absolutely clear: we will continue to mobilize voters to elect leaders – from the highest office to the down-ballot – who will fight for the president’s immigration action and champion immigration reform with a roadmap to citizenship.

“We will vote, we will march, and we’ll hold those accountable at the ballot box who have stood in the way of families with their anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric.

“Today is an injustice, but tomorrow we will vote. ”