Beau Boughamer,, 202-765-9143

Issued April 08, 2016

Working people stand with Democracy Awakening, Democracy Spring

WASHINGTON—The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) issued the following statement:

“Our members stand with efforts this month to demand a democracy that works for all of us: the Democracy Awakening (April 16th - April 18th) and Democracy Spring (April 2nd - April 18th) actions will be taking place in Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC and across the country. These events will stand up to the outsized influence of wealthy interests and the results: voter suppression, a Supreme Court vacancy, and attacks aimed at the working women and men building a better future for themselves and their families.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher in this election for working families. Extremists have bankrolled attacks on working people in state and local legislatures, sought to curb workers’ ability to join together in Friedrichs v. CTA and are now moving to tear immigrant families apart by challenging President Obama’s immigration actions in United States v. Texas.

“Working families stand in solidarity with Democracy Awakening, Democracy Spring, advocates and activists in saying ‘no more’ to the billionaires and extremists — and in standing together to keep immigrant families together and make sure all families can build a better future.”