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Issued April 18, 2016

SEIU’s Henry: Immigration case shows why we need Supreme Court at full strength

WASHINGTON—SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement today regarding the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on President Obama’s immigration executive actions: 

“Millions of American families know that President Obama’s DAPA and expanded DACA stand on the right side of justice. We have faith that justice will prevail over the politics of hate and the Supreme Court will rule in favor of these programs.

“Unfortunately, politics is winning in the United States Senate, where Republicans are refusing to give Judge Merrick Garland a full hearing and up-or-down vote. Our senators are doing the bidding of extremist special interests who pushed this case to restrict opportunities for immigrants, and are trying to limit the ability of workers to have a voice in a union, curb voting rights and make it harder for women to access healthcare.

“The cases pushed by these special interests are an attack on our democracy. Working men and women, and their communities, know the stakes couldn’t be higher, and they know we need nine Supreme Court justices. We are ready to take our fight to the polls in November and elect candidates who will fight, deliver and win for working families.”