Beatriz Lopez,

Issued March 17, 2016

SEIU on Passage of Speaker Ryan’s Resolution Against the President’s Immigration Initiatives

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Speaker Paul Ryan and all but 5 House Republicans  passed the resolution that would allow the House to file an amicus brief against the president’s immigration initiatives.  

SEIU’s Executive Vice President Rocio Saenz issued the following statement: 

“The resolution approved by Speaker Ryan and nearly all House Republicans to submit an amicus brief on behalf of the full House body opposing President Obama’s immigration executive actions is not only unprecedented, it is wrong. 

“Today, House Republicans, led by Speaker Ryan, showed their true colors and stood side-by-side with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to continue fostering a climate of hate and fear against immigrant families. 

“This type of hate is not what our country was founded on and doesn’t represent our values. 

“Earlier this week, SEIU along with over 50 leading advocacy organizations, representing millions of Latino, AAPI and immigrant families from across the country, released an open letter to all Members of the House urging them to vote against this resolution. All but five Republicans turned their backs and voted yes. 

“Let’s be clear this is not a vote about President Obama or executive actions this is a vote against hard working immigrant families, many of whom fled violence to make a better life for themselves. 

“Our Supreme Court must see through the politics of anti-immigrant xenophobia and make a ruling that is just, fair and based on the law.”