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Issued February 18, 2016

Statement on Menzies Aviation Wage Increase Announcement

It’s only through a union voice at work that we will be able to protect our gains

SEATAC— Menzies Aviation ramp agent Darius Harris issued the following statement on the company’s announcement that it would raise wages to $15.24 per hour for its employees at Sea-Tac International Airport in accordance with Proposition 1:

“Our victory did not happen overnight. It took years of dedication and hard work alongside our allies in the community and around the country for us to prevail. Make no mistake: Menzies did not agree to pay us the $15.24 we deserve out of kindheartedness. By sticking together, marching, speaking out for change and striking, we made it clear that we would not stop fighting until all employers at Sea-Tac follow Proposition 1. The full implementation of Proposition 1, which provides also for paid sick leave, a path from part-time to full-time work, worker retention, and back pay among other things, is our goal. While we celebrate our hard-fought victory, we realize this is only the first step on our way to making Menzies a better and safer workplace. It’s only through a union voice at work that we will be able to not only protect our gains but also begin to address many other challenges we continue to face at work.”


Around the country, contracted airport workers are coming together in Airport Workers United, a movement of workers and their allies, raising their voices for $15 and union rights to make our airports safe and secure for passengers, employees and our communities. By sticking together, speaking out for change, and going on strike, these workers have won wage increases in Los Angeles, New York City, Newark, Minneapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, and Fort Lauderdale. Today, more than 70,000 workers nationwide have either received wages increases or other improvements, including healthcare, paid sick leave and worker retention policies as a result of the workers’ campaign.