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Issued February 01, 2016

SEIU’s Saenz: Cruz Wins in Iowa - GOP Loses Working Families and Immigrant Voters

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the results of Monday night’s Iowa caucus, the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) Executive Vice President Rocio Saenz issued a statement:

“Tonight, Ted Cruz and the Republican Party can officially surrender any hopes of capturing the votes of all working families who are fighting for a $15 raise, immigration reform and a compassionate America.

“Cruz’s win in Iowa draws the line in the sand that loudly tells emerging American voters – from the Latino to the AAPI electorate – they are not welcomed in the country they call home.

“We hear him. We hear the Republican Party. Their calls against a path to citizenship and ending deferred action for immigrant families, against affordable health care and against raising the minimum wage have not fallen on deaf ears.

“With so much at stake, make no mistake, we will respond in November. Already, millions have spurred into action by becoming U.S. citizens, registering to vote, and participating in caucus.

“This diverse America is committed to elect a leader who condemns the rhetoric of hate and instead inspires hope and real change.”