Issued February 02, 2016

SEIU’s Henry: From Hard Fought Clinton Win in Iowa We Head Onward to New Hampshire and Beyond to win for Working Families

WASHINGTONSEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement on the Iowa Caucus results

“In the face of stagnant wages, right-wing extremist attacks on workers’ rights, broken criminal justice and immigration systems, and an increasing need for affordable home and child care, hundreds of SEIU members have knocked doors and walked blocks across early primary states, and turned out a close, hard fought win for Hillary Clinton in Iowa, where she won union households by 9 points.  

"We knew this campaign was always going to be a long, hard fought battle. The hate-filled, extremist rhetoric from Republican candidates has motivated working families to get involved. SEIU members, along with an unprecedented number of our labor and progressive allies, are united as an unstoppable ground force charging forward from Iowa to New Hampshire into Super Tuesday and beyond to share with their neighbors one very clear message: when Hillary Clinton wins, we all win."