Scott Courtney, Executive Vice President

Scott Courtney was elected Executive Vice President of SEIU in May 2016. For the past 33 years, Courtney has built power with workers from all walks of life and in every corner of the country: construction workers in California, manufacturing workers in Michigan, neonatal intensive-care unit RNs in Florida, hotel workers in Nevada, and dietary and housekeeping workers at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

As SEIU’s organizing director over the past six years, Courtney helped lead the Fight for $15, sparking a movement that Slate has called “the most successful progressive political project of the late Obama era, both practically and philosophically.”

Courtney believes in the power of the people; that by sticking together at work, people can win a better life together. Over the course of his career at SEIU, Courtney has been at the forefront of making sure working people have a voice in their own future.

He began his work with SEIU in 1998 as an organizer and went on to lead major healthcare organizing campaigns. As organizing director of SEIU District 1199, he built and led a team of organizers in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky who helped a record number of healthcare workers join our union. As organizing director for SEIU Healthcare, he helped negotiate innovative agreements that made it possible for thousands of healthcare workers at hospitals to join SEIU. 

In some ways Scott Courtney was destined to be a union leader. He was raised in a union household in southern Illinois among family members who worked as pipefitters, steelworkers and postal workers. His father was president of a United Steelworkers local union. Before joining the SEIU team, Courtney held various jobs, including one operating a backhoe on a gas pipeline as a member of the Operating Engineers.

Today, when not working, Courtney spends his free time with the “the most amazing granddaughter on the planet” and his three children.